Vietnam visa photo is an indispensable part of the visa applying process. Photo in Vietnam visa also has some requirements. In this post, VEU will tell you everything you need to know about the photo on your Vietnam visa.

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1. How many Vietnam visa photos should I take?

You should take at least 2 acceptable Vietnam visa photos. If you apply for a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam, you must attach a Vietnam visa photo with the application form. There is only one photo needed.

The other way of getting a Vietnam visa is visa on arrival (VOA). Two passport- sized pictures must be prepared in advance. These photos are used for an online application form. 

2. The size of Vietnam visa photo

Vietnam visa photo size must follow the standard. It depends on passport size: 4cm x 6m (Vietnam visa standard size). In other countries, it is 2×2 inches for photos. You can ask the photographer to take the visa photo, they will understand what you need for the Vietnam visa on arrival photo size.

The standard size of Vietnam visa photo

3. General requirements of Vietnam visa photo – illustration and explanation

Vietnam visa photo requirements must be strictly followed. If your photo does not meet the standard, you will have to take the new one. So as not to waste time and money, you should consider all the requirements below.

3.1. Vietnam visa photo background

Vietnam visa passport photo requirements include the background criterion. Only white background is accepted. Other colours or patterns are unacceptable. It is advisable that you wear dark clothings in order not to blend in the background. 

3.2. Facial expression on Vietnam visa photo

Normal facial expression is highly recommended. The smiling and frowning makes it difficult for the security to recognize you while checking the pics with a real person. So, please take the photo without tensions or frowns, with a neutral facial.

The facial expression on Vietnam visa photo

3.3. Vietnam visa photo head position requirements 

Your head position must be kept in the middle of the camera. You should not turn and be at an angle, this will not meet the photo standard and you have to take a new one. If you don’t exactly know the centre point of the camera, ask the photographer.

3.4. Eyes on visa photo of Vietnam

There is also a requirement for your eyes on visa photos. Your eyes need to look straight and fully opened. Try not to blink while taking a picture. The eyes can not be covered by hairs or anything else.

3.5. Vietnam visa photo quality

You should make sure that your photo is of quality. It must be in the centre and clear only in a snapshot. The demand for photos is in glossy paper, no creases, no layer, no broken. Asking your photographer to check the pic before printing.

The Vietnam visa photo must reach the standard demand

3.6. Headwear and glasses on Vietnam visa photo

All headwear, glasses, veins, hats and scarfs are removed while the photo is taken. The same accessories, which cover your foreheads and ears are prohibited strictly. Remember to take them off before taking the Vietnam visa photo.

3.7. Beard required on visa Vietnam photo 

The beard is optional. You can keep or shave as long as you like but it should be a neat beard. A beard in a visa photo is advisable to be similar to your daily appearance. Don’t let the beard cover your mouth, your nose.

4. Requirements of Vietnam visa passport photo for newborns, infants, babies

Not only do adults need a passport photo, children require their own as well. To take the kid’s photo, you must follow some of these requirements:

  • Only newborn, infant and baby are in the picture. No one else is accepted. One of the most rejected elements is the participants in photos.
  • Toys, bottles and pacifiers must be kept out of the image. If the photo has objects, it will be retaken.
  • It is easier for you to photograph if laying the child down or sitting in a chair. You should prepare a whit sheet background behind the child in advance. In this way, the background is fully white and other unwanted items are invisible. 
  • Squaring up the child’s face and snapping the image with fully eyes opened.

The requirement for children’s Vietnam visa photo

5. Vietnam visa photo price

The cost of a Vietnam visa photo is flexible. It depends on your purpose and demands. If you take pictures at the local studio, the cost is cheaper than taking pictures at the arrival airport. There are two ways for you to get a Vietnam visa photo: 

  • You can go to the nearest photo studio in your living area to take the picture. It is a cheap and convenient way for you if you have time. Only after 15-30 minutes, you will get your image, which costs about $1.7 – $2.5. Ask the owner of the studio for the accurate price.
  • You also can take a snapshot at passport photo online service. It is suitable for people who live far from a photo studio or do not have time. But it is a little expensive, the cost for two pics is $6.

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