The market is usually so large that it does not tend to cover low-end smartphones. This is due to the huge amount of personnel required to write, but there can be some very interesting releases that are of very attractive value. The last such device we covered was the Moto g6 and e5 releases.

The 7S is powered by the MediaTek MT6739, which consists of a 1.5GHz 4x Cortex A53 and an Imagination PowerVR GE8100 GPU. The main memory capacity is provided by 2GB LPDDR3 at 667MHz and is equipped with 16GB storage with expandable storage options via microSD slot.

Since the phone comes with a 3020mAh battery, the low SoC specifications will significantly extend battery life. The screen looks like a regular LCD panel with 5.45 inches and a resolution of 1440 x 720. However, the diagonal of the screen is an 18: 9 format display and does not really represent the size of the device. The 7S, which is only 70.9mm, accommodates a narrower range of phone form factors.

When it comes to cameras, you can’t expect anything surprising in terms of quality, but Honor was able to equip it with a 13MP sensor. It also has a 5MP front camera and the phone: LED on the front flashes. Honor chose to offer a phone with a micro USB socket because it looks like all costs are being paid attention to in these price points. It holds a 3.5mm headphone jack, so it’s really good in terms of audio.

Interestingly, this phone will boot on Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.0. In short, it’s the latest Android version, and it’s terribly lacking in Honor 7X and has received a lot of criticism.

Overall, the honor 7s mobile price is the bare minimum phone in terms of specifications, but Honor was able to deliver a design that could be confused with other high-end devices, even from a distance. The fact that the very low end has evolved significantly over the last two years and there are much more attractive devices is great. And for just £ 99, you’ll have a hard time challenging the value the phone offers.

Honor 7S smartphone reviews

Budget Oreo Phone Honor 7S is a budget entry-level smartphone that supports Android Oreo and dual SIM. Due to the hardware configuration, smartphones are likely to be quite slow.

I’ve already reviewed some Honor smartphones. Whether it’s an entry-level smartphone or a mid-range smartphone, there’s one thing that all devices have in common. It’s a relatively low price. Honor 7S offers future buyers the opportunity to buy an Android Oreo device for € 120. Instead, users will get a smartphone with Mediatek MT6739 SoC, PowerVR GE8100 graphics unit, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of eMMC flash storage.

This price range is overwhelmed by competitors, including the same manufacturer Honor 7A.