The food and beverage sector in Australia is always working to provide consumers with environmentally friendly choices for takeout food and drink. Customers and companies alike are being encouraged, as part of a continuous effort to reduce waste, to look for solutions for biodegradable packaging that will reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment.

The term “biodegradable material” refers to any substance that is able to break down into its component parts when exposed to the elements for an adequate amount of time. This indicates that the material is broken down by bacteria or other living things, and as a result, it does not need to be added to ever-expanding landfills. 

You are interested in exploring solutions for environmentally friendly packaging but aren’t sure how to get started. Here are three low-cost solutions that you might consider for your eatery, whether it be a café, a takeout store, or a food truck.

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Cups Made of Eco-Friendly Paper

If your company offers coffee, you presumably have a significant number of clients who visit your establishment on a daily basis in order to get their much-required dose of caffeine. This results in a mountain of paper coffee cups being thrown away each and every day, creating a mountain of waste. PLA, a plant-based substrate liner, is used to line ECO Paper Coffee Cups and lids rather than the petrochemical-based liner that is found in the majority of takeout coffee cups. ECO Paper Coffee Cups and lids are compostable. This guarantees that the paper cups are completely compostable and biodegradable after use. These eco-friendly takeout coffee alternatives are both good to the environment and economical, making them the ideal mix of the two qualities. They are available in cups with either a single or a double wall.

Eco-Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

Even if providing eco-friendly plates and bowls for your takeout clients should be a top priority for your business, it is just as vital to make sure that the packing alternatives you provide are strong and long-lasting at the same time. Sugarcane plant pulp is used to craft the extra-durable plates and bowls that are part of the Eco-Sugarcane Bagasse product line. After the liquid is removed from the sugarcane plant, the pulp is processed into high-quality packaging that is both entirely biodegradable and compostable. This process takes place after the liquid has been extracted.

Eco Containers  

When it comes to picking eco-friendly takeout containers for your company that are both fashionable and economical, you have a few different alternatives to choose from. Sugarcane Bagasse Clamshell containers come in a number of sizes and are versatile enough to be used for a wide range of foods, including burgers, hot dogs, chips, soups, and salads. Pine boats, cups, and trays, as well as bamboo skewers, are an alternative for your takeout food that is both very fashionable and kind to the earth. These products are manufactured from shavings of renewable pine and bamboo. Your company may easily become green without incurring any additional costs by selecting one of these two solutions for environmentally friendly containers.

If you buy eco-friendly food and beverage packaging online, you can take advantage of competitive wholesale pricing that is both affordable and economical. This will help you to get more for your money and maximize your return on investment. Food Packaging Online provides an extensive selection of food packaging that is both biodegradable and sustainable, in addition to providing exceptional customer service, in order to assist you in selecting the solutions that are most beneficial to your company.