Do you love having parties at home? You do, right? Something about house parties makes them a fun thing to have. It is so nice to celebrate the little things with people you love instead of celebrating with tons of people whom you know distinctly. Also, house parties are exciting as you get to do everything your way, especially if you love decorating, making food, and baking. Yet, we know that throwing a house party, for example, a birthday or anniversary, can be stressful as there is so much to do. However, with proper planning and effective tips, you can throw the most adventurous and memorable house party. Want some tips on how? Read below!

Create a mind-blowing backdrop

Have a jaw-dropping backdrop if you are throwing a birthday party, anniversary party, or even a new-year festivity. It should be photo-worthy because everyone wants to take pictures at the party with nice décor and light. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create a beautiful DIY backdrop using ribbons, paper fans, balloons, or faux greenery to create the most beautiful backdrop ever. Search Pinterest or take ideas from YouTube to make a perfect backdrop using simple materials at home.

Don’t forget to dress up the entryway.

The entryway of your house shouldn’t be empty. When having a party, dress up the entryway with a balloon arch or multiple plants and flowers. If you have other creative ideas to décor the entryway, go with it. Moreover, have a sign at the main door to assure them of being at the right place. Lastly, have a closet with hooks and pins for the guest to keep their coats and jackets before they enter your house. If you have a no-shoes policy in your house, add a sign. Also, provide the guest with a place to keep their footwear.

Get the best tableware.

House party cutleries can go two ways. Either use disposable or recyclable cutleries or use the best tableware you have. Remember those china patterns you picked up? They will go best for an intimate house party as you can show off your treasure to all your loved ones. If the party people are over 50, it is best to go with disposable cups and plates as cleaning up after them can be chaotic.

Also, for an intimate party, set the table up nicely, either in the house or out in the garden. That means displaying the best table cloth, having a floral arrangement, and candles on the table, and setting up the dishes and food.

Set up a kickass playlist

A little background music should play while you are chatting or eating food sets the mood just right. It is best to make two playlists. One with soothing music that you can play as a background. The other should be a dance playlist to get everyone on the dance floor to rock the event.

Make space

Sometimes to make space, you have to move bits and pieces to ensure the party area has enough space. For example, start by moving the side tables or lamps, not the chairs or sofas. Also, if more people are coming, it is best to rent some chairs to ensure everyone has enough space to sit and chat.

Make sure you don’t run out of food.

Whether your guest list consists of 10 people or 50, ensure you never run out of food. Also, when working on creating a party menu, you need to cater to dietary restrictions of people, like gluten intolerance or veganism. It is best to stick to finger foods, pizza, a few desserts, salads, fruits, and so on. Keep it simple so that you can have fun too.

Keep the washroom clean.

You don’t need decorations for washrooms, but you do need to keep them clean. Also, ensure that you have enough toiletries, towels, handwashes, and other accessories ready to refill anytime. Lastly, it is okay if you want to keep your master bathroom closed during a house party.

With these tips, your house is ready for a party! So enjoy, make memories, and don’t forget to save your decorations to use them next time by adding newness to the old décor.