The shelter is a basic need, but constructing a house, regardless of the size and shape, can be costly. Building materials alone can break your bank, and considering raw land and labour costs, among other expenses, the process can feel financially out of reach. Have you checked out Nairobi houses for sale? You’ll notice cost variance, not just based on house size and features or construction year. What’s driving such difference, you wonder; one of the answers is the construction techniques. As you strive to materialize your home-ownership goals, here are among the low-cost house construction techniques in Kenya that can help you fast-track your progress.

Simplistic designs

You may want an elaborate house design, but this will cost you more. Besides the designing process, complex houses demand more materials and labour. While the lot size, shape, and location impact the house design, sticking to simple options like a square or rectangle can save you more money. Such designs don’t demand more materials since there are no complex corners, which means less labour. It would help if you also avoided complex roofing requiring more materials and work. A simplistic design doesn’t mean your house can’t stand out and express your personality. With additions like a porch or balcony, you can spice up the looks, allowing you to capture a unique aesthetic appeal without breaking your bank.

Professional labour

In the modern DIY-driven world, people will try almost anything. While a simple house, for example, might seem straightforward enough to construct, this can cost you a fortune. Professionals can help you lower wastage, speed up the construction, ensure your safety during construction, and follow standards that make a house safe. At face value, professional labour is expensive, but it is among the low-cost construction hacks given their experience and expertise contributions.

Materials selection

Construction materials are arguably the most expensive part of the house contrition process. Of course, you want a reliable and secure house, but this doesn’t mean you are limited. Stone brick walls have been a popular option but are not the most affordable. They offer security and last long, but their cost is high, require significant labour, and take longer to complete the construction process. Today, more Kenyans are turning to more innovative but equally effective construction materials that are pocket friendly.

Among the options quickly gaining traction in property construction includes:

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

While EPS has, for years, been used for insulation, it is quickly becoming a mainstay in exterior wall construction. They feature polystyrene panels that are sandwiched in concrete and mesh. They are affordable, and the construction process takes shorter and less labour. With their robustness and effective insulation properties, EPS’ popularity will keep growing as consumers continue looking for low-cost and reliable housing solutions.

Interlocking bricks

The option resembles brick structures but isn’t as demanding financially and labour-wise. Interlocking bricks demand less cement and mortar, are lighter, and take less labour compared to the masonry alternative. They also offer a more attractive finish and last longer, making them cost-effective construction materials.

Besides the two options quickly gaining popularity, you can also use iron sheets, a popular material, especially in rural settings. They are affordable, and since rural areas are more communal, secure, and not as noisy, you enjoy comfortable and safe housing. Turning containers into livable spaces is also outside-the-box thinking that continues to prove cost-effective. Following your location, you can also consider pre-fabricated concrete panels. This is if you are close to a construction company since hauling can be costly.

House construction costs are unlikely to drop in the foreseeable future. As such, if you are looking for ways to work with your budget, being open to more techniques is recommendable. With the above pointers, you can find a technique and construction materials to help materialize your plans, construct a house, and enjoy a secure and comfortable stay.