A holiday or birthday is coming up and you know what that means: it’s time to find the perfect gift for your loved one. The pressure is on.

Are you running out of holiday and birthday ideas for the one person on your list who seems to have everything that they want? How can you find a memorable gift for the person who doesn’t need anything?

We’re here to talk about it. Read on for a few fun gift ideas for someone who has everything. 

1. A Unique Experience

One of the best birthday or holiday gifts for the person who seems to have everything is an experience. This is a memorable gift that won’t clutter up your loved one’s home (unless they find great souvenirs). 

What types of experience would your loved one enjoy? 

Some people have always wanted to try extreme activities like ziplining. Others want to go to concerts or Broadway shows. Some may want to try taking classes or going on a helicopter tour with Breeze Helicopters

You don’t have to go beyond your budget to find a great experience for the giftee in question. 

Bonus tip: consider buying two passes to the experience. This way, your giftee can bring someone with them (and that someone might be you). 

2. Gift Cards

Some people truly are impossible to shop for. If this is the case, consider a gift card.

You should still make the gift card as personal as possible. Pick a card for something that you know your loved one will like. It could be a card for video games, a local spa, or their favorite clothing store.

This way, you never have to worry about getting something that your loved one doesn’t like. A quick tip: write a heartfelt message alongside the gift card. 

3. The Gift of Relaxation

Does the giftee refuse to relax and take time for themself? Give them the gift of relaxation. 

First, consider a spa day or an at-home spa day kit. Some people need to pamper themselves every now and again, so some nice skincare, bath bombs, and plush towels make great gifts.

If they’re always too busy to clean, consider hiring a one-time cleaning service. If they struggle to cook, a subscription to a food box is a great idea. If they have children, offer babysitting services. 

You’ll be shocked at how grateful most people are for the gift of rest.

4. Handmade Items

If you’re crafty, handmade items are perfect for the people who have everything.

Consider making something sentimental, like a shadow box. You can include things like souvenirs from trips you took together, photos, and small items that remind you of them.

You could even paint a portrait (or have an artist paint a portrait). 

Handmade items can’t be replicated. There’s no way that they already have the handmade gift that you plan on giving them!

Find a Memorable Gift for Your Loved One This Year

Finding a memorable gift for someone who seems to have everything seems impossible, but if you keep this list in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect match. 

Whether you choose an experience, a day of rest, a personalized item, or a gift card, there’s something for everyone.

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