Did you know around 113.2 million people visit Wisconsin each year?

This state might not be the first place you think of when it comes time to take a family trip, but it should definitely be on your list! So many people go to Wisconsin each year, but why? 

Read on to learn five reasons why a trip to Wisconsin might be exactly what you and your family need to enjoy a wonderful vacation filled with fun activities!

1. Delicious Food

Wisconsin is known for its cheese, so this is the perfect place to go if you’re a cheese lover! Some of the biggest cheesemakers are stationed here, so taking a cheese tasting tour and experiencing fresh cheese in your meals is possible.

Plus, you can expect to enjoy delicious sausage, another one of their specialties. And with so many farms around, finding higher-end farm-to-table restaurants is possible too. So there’s really something for everyone there!

2. The Coastline

One of the best things to do in Wisconsin is visiting Lake Michigan. The piece of land that juts out into the lake is a beautiful area for hiking and biking.

Plus, if you and your family enjoy water activities like kayaking, you can take part in that as well.

3. Seeing the Stars

Depending on where you live, you might not be able to see the stars clearly at night. This isn’t an issue here. If you go to Wisconsin, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy stargazing. 

They have several observatories designed for better stargazing, but no matter where you are, you should be able to get a nice view of them.

4. See a Sports Game

Wisconsin is home to the Green Bay Packers, a popular football team. So if you enjoy football, working your trip around one of their home games provides you with a unique opportunity to catch a football game on vacation.

5. Hit the Waterpark

If you’re taking a family trip, doing a kid-friendly activity like visiting a water park will surely make the top of your list.

The Wisconsin Dells is an area with several different water parks and amusement parks all near one another. You could visit multiple parks in one day or hunker down at one. 

Plus, if not everyone wants to go to an amusement park, there are also several state parks in the area with unique views and plentiful hiking trails.

No matter what you choose to do, be sure to stay in one of the best vacation spots for families, so your accommodations are as enjoyable as everything else!

Take a Trip to Wisconsin for Family Fun

Taking a trip to Wisconsin offers plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy!

From water parks to kayaking to state parks to endless cheese, there’s undoubtedly something each member of your family will enjoy doing. Don’t waste your time going somewhere overcrowded and overrated. Try taking a trip to Wisconsin instead!

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