The thought of forgetting something behind or breaking a fragile item is the worst thing about packing. 

In all honesty, it puts a damper on the whole excitement of moving somewhere new! 

Whenever we start packing, we try to channel the Monica Geller within us with the utmost zeal. However, by the time we complete one bedroom, we are so exhausted that the other rooms do not get the same amount of energy. 

This is where we lose or misplace important items. This is the same reason why you should never pack something exhausted or half-hearted. You have to map the plan in your head first, get the required things, and then proceed to pack. 

Packing Tips That Will Make You A Pro

There are tips and tricks for everything, so why shouldn’t packing have its own rules that can give you much assistance. There are checklists, boxes; tapes; scissors, and most importantly, how to use them all efficiently. 

1. Get Rid Of Things 

We all grow a kind of emotional attachment to every material possession we own. However, if you are packing rationally for a different area altogether, there are certain things that will be useless. 

For example, that Cyan vase which you bought nine years ago is absolutely clashing with the new house ambiance; rather than hoarding it, you can get rid of the item. This is the first and, for some people, the most difficult work. But, this will eventually make your work much easier. 

2. Movers & Packers 

Don’t worry much about saving money while you are hiring the movers. Yes, there are some shady Craiglist advertisements that claim to move your items at the most extraordinarily minimalistic price. 

However, if you want your items to reach your new home safely, then investing in one who has a good track record and history would be the appropriate choice.

In fact, man and van Ealing could be that appropriate choice for you. 

3. Start Documenting 

Before you hold each item and put them in boxes, you have to first know what items you own and what packing method would be more appropriate for it. Then, open your laptop, or you can do it manually, with a pen and paper. You can start with the following list. 

  • Clothes. 
  • Photographs. 
  • Books. 
  • Fragile items. 
  • Miscellaneous things. 

Now make folders for each item and start recording each item underneath the topic. Next, move around the house and do it accordingly. With this method, you now have a checklist that will prevent you from misplacing things or, worse, losing them while packing. 

4. Start With The Most Important Item 

If there are items that you can get rid of, there are also items that are essential. At the beginning of your packing, you are the most enthusiastic in the beginning. Therefore, it is suggested to pack all the important items which you absolutely cannot lose in the beginning. 

For example, your important documentation or any other important asset you have; these are the things you have to keep with yourself and not in a carton that will be shipped. Next will be your clothes and shoes followed by other items. 

You have to put the heavier items in the bottom, followed by the lighter items, and make sure that you don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes. This increases the chance for the fragile items to break. 

5. Invest In Good Equipment 

Not investing in good packing equipment is the major reason for items breaking and damaging. If you are moving, you definitely would want to move with all your items in tack. This can never be achieved with low and cheap quality packing equipment. 

You should invest in good quality equipment which can help you avoid any accidents. They will give you enough space for all your items, and sturdy boxes will prevent breakage. 

Because let’s face it, we cannot always trust the movers and packers. 

To Conclude 

Packing can be a tiresome job, with you shouldering the responsibility of so many items. However, there is nothing that can’t be achieved with a little organization. This will assist you in remembering all the items that you need to pack.

Don’t leave the booking as a last-minute addition to your plan. In fact, the movies should be hired before you even start packing to ensure that your items will be reaching you as soon as possible when you are done.