There are hundreds of cannabis compounds. But none is as well-known or studied as Delta-9 THC. The plant’s famously intoxicating effects are attributed to Delta-9 THC, which is illegal on a federal level and illegal under state law. Delta-9 has been in the spotlight lately, along with TCHO-A and Delta-10 THC cannabinoid variations. We think it’s high time to discuss how they are related. We review all you need to know regarding Delta-9 THC and how it compares with other THC varieties.

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How does DELTA-9 THC Benefit?

Because of its intoxicating effects, Delta-9 THC has been the most studied cannabinoid. THC has been shown to have pain-relieving and anti-nausea properties. However, research on its neuroprotective and depression-fighting qualities is still ongoing.


Many generations of cannabis users have embraced the plant’s mood-enhancing properties, Delta-9 THC. Intoxication with cannabis is unlike any other substance, as it absorbs the mind and body into feelings of joy, relaxation, and delight. These euphoric feelings can have a lasting impact on our system. A 2016 study about aggression and cannabis consumption revealed that cannabis decreased aggressive feelings while alcohol increased them.


The well-documented anti-nausea properties of Delta-9 THC are well known. That was one of the first medical benefits that emerged of cannabis. It appeared in the 1970s and 80s. Since 1984, high-THC cannabis strains have provided relief to patients with cancer. Original, the substance was used to treat radiotherapy-induced nausea. Patients today still benefit from THC. The only FDA-approved THC medication is those that treat nausea in patients with cancer.


The cravings, or an increased hunger feeling after cannabis consumption, are among the most common side effects. In 2018, a study found that THC increases appetite hormones, including ghrelin (and leptin), and does not affect insulin levels. It is a positive sign for obesity and eating disorders.


Although it may seem counterproductive to swap a beer for a preroll, THC can help decrease alcoholism and other drug addictions. Legalizing THC would reduce alcohol sales, but it also increases one’s chance of success in treatment for opioid addiction. A 2017 study of animals showed that cannabis administration reduced heroin consumption.


Delta-9 THC, like other cannabinoids, works with the endocannabinoid systems to promote homeostasis. This cannabinoid acts in neuronal cultures of the brain as an antioxidant. It also encourages neurogenesis (creating more neurons). Delta-9 THC can reduce muscle spasms for patients with multiple sclerosis and slow down the nervous system degradation for patients with Parkinson’s. It is a significant development for patients with neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.


A 2020 study showed that almost 1,819 patients experienced temporary relief from depressive symptoms following cannabis consumption. Cannabis consumption has been linked with depression in other studies. However, this is highly individual and can vary from person to person. If it works for you, then use mother nature’s natural resources.

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