Hay Day’s game uses vouchers to buy items such as decorations, pets and customization. At level 20, you can unlock vouchers. Did you know what Chick Vouchers are? How do I get one? When will it be available? Which location and how to use it

The United States wants to know more about Getting Chick Vouchers from Hay Day. Let us now examine the details.

Hay Day?

Supercell’s mobile game Hay Day is free. The game was published on 21 June 2012. Hay Day was the fourth most-revenue-generating video game in 2013. Supercell earns $30 million monthly as a result of Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Clash of Clans.

How do Vouchers for Hay Day work?

Hay Day has vouchers, which are a type of currency. The rarest is the golden voucher. The rarest voucher is the golden one. The value of the current voucher is currently in diamonds.

How can I get Chick Coupons in Hay Day, California?

It is a new currency created by Hay Day. Chick Vouchers should be launched in October 2021. Unfortunately, the update revealed only two new peacocks, one guinea-pig, and Halloween offers.

  • Chick Vouchers may be released as early as November 2021 according to the information.
  • Chick Voucher cannot be obtained from farm passes
  • Chick Vouchers are also available.
  • Chick Voucher Value is yet unknown
  • Chick Voucher prices are not known.
  • Get Chick Coupons in Hay Day will allow you to buy future animals. This month, a Blue Peacock was updated with 9 Chick Vouchers+10 green coupons; the Brown Peacock comes in at 9 Chick Vouchers+3 blue vouchers.
  • Once the Chick Coupon is earned it goes to the player’s voucher storage.

Obtaining an voucher:

Customers can redeem vouchers through

  • Completing truck orders to transport metal bars and refined co
  • Fulfillment truck orders for jewellery
  • Fulfillment of boat shipments
  • Volunteers to help town residents see your sanctuary
  • You can search them in mystery boxes
  • The wheel of Fortune
  • Fetching horseshoe prizes
  • International events can bring you rewards
  • View the trailers of films at night

How can I redeem Chick Vouchers from Hay Day?

The vouchers are available to be bought by using diamonds earned. A green voucher will be available for 15 Diamonds, a Blue voucher for 30 Diamonds, a Purple voucher for 50 Diamonds, and a Golden voucher for 80 Diamonds. Diamonds may not be used to purchase the Chick Voucher.


The disappointment of players was that new animals were rolled before Chick Vouchers. Chick Vouchers can only be obtained by players who have completed their tasks. Chick Vouchers must be presented to obtain the chicks. Chick Vouchers are expected to be given out by Hay Day on November 1. Some players FALSEIFIED How you can get Chick Vouchers at Hay Day Wheel of Fortune.