Hi girls, it’s time to put aside your dainty and minimal jewelry pieces because it’s time to go bold! There’s a comeback of dazzling cocktail rings from the 1920s and they are definitely going to stay here. They are dramatic, exciting, loud, and astonishing, and if you are looking for statement accessories then a diamond cocktail ring will be the next best addition to your jewelry box. Whether it’s your black party dress ensemble or an elegant silk gown that needs a touch of little drama and bling then these rings can elevate your outfit instantly. 

Let’s have a look at some of the tips on sporting the dashing cocktail rings the right way.

5 tips on how to wear a cocktail ring correctly 

Even though there are no hard and fast rules on how to wear a cocktail ring correctly, there are a few tips you can follow to pull off the statement ring look perfectly. Let’s get started!

1. Make your personality shine: There are various types of styles from which you can choose when it comes to cocktail rings. There is a basic common rule applied in terms of fashion that “go for something that will suit your personality”. No matter what you look like, you should be able to carry it with confidence and ease.

2. Go big go bold: There are a plethora of designs and styles to choose from in cocktail rings for different occasions. If you are getting married, there are affordable wedding ring sets available in cocktail rings. Also, you can go for amazing wedding diamond bands as well. For daytime, we suggest that you should go for something that is colorful and fun to have. And if you are going for an evening party go for something that makes a bold statement.

3. Try mix and matching: If you are looking for a glam factor, try layering out your cocktail ring with other eye-catching pieces like a beautiful bracelet or a gleaming necklace. Else you can try wearing several cocktail rings at one go for a dazzling bohemian look. Try mixing up different metals and create a visual interest in your overall look. Another option you can choose for mix and match is to play with colors, textures, and size.

Pro tip: Build a balance between any of your looks and let your jewelry complement each other. Just make sure to keep the proportions right.

4. Less is more: Whenever it comes to selecting the right jewelry, there is always less is more. All of the girls want to have a chic piece of jewelry in their jewelry box. So open up your jewelry boxes and try out all the jewelry pieces that you have instead that they remain in the box only. Whenever you choose to wear a jewelry piece always remember to elevate your overall look without actually overdoing it.

5. Review the quality and comfort: When you are wearing an eye-catching ring in your hand, keep in mind that wherever you go people will definitely notice it. Thus, you have to be very careful with the quality, clarity, and sparkling of the precious stone, no matter what stone you are wearing. It has to be a good one. So for a classy look, you should not compromise on the quality of the ring. Secondly consider the comfort and go with the ring that makes you happy and brings joy to actually whatever you wear. 

4 trendy cocktail rings that are must have

We have shortlisted some of our most irresistible cocktail rings that will definitely be a perfect addition to your accessory drawer. Scroll down to shop your favorite show stopper.

1. The black & white diamond cocktail ring: If you are searching for a unique yet bold accessory to style your overall look then you should consider this black & white diamond cocktail ring. Black cocktail rings look stylish, classic, and popular, and their ornate design makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. 

2. Sterling silver round diamond cocktail ring: Discover sophistication and eternal sparkle with this unique diamond ring. The ring has multiple diamonds in the shape of a heart which is an absolute head turner. The ring will definitely add oomph to any of your outfits. 

3. 14k white & yellow gold round diamond cocktail ring: Showcasing an exquisite white& yellow round diamond, this cocktail ring will not get unnoticed by anyone’s eye. The round-cut diamond with a prong setting adds a luxurious sparkle to this ring. This 14k white & yellow gold round cocktail ring is a mesmerizing masterpiece that will show its glamour from every angle.

4. Butterfly cocktail ring: Got a voguish cocktail ring on your mind? Then hold your breath girls as we have got the perfect piece of the ring for you! This 10k yellow gold round diamond butterfly cocktail ring is modern and glamorous. Adorned by a shimmering white diamond accent wings and the butterfly cut gives it an unmatched glow. You are sure to grab the attention at every occasion you will go as this ring glistens like no other!


What are you waiting for? Show off your fashion sense by wearing a cocktail ring. If you are searching for your first cocktail ring and do not exactly know where to start, you can find help. Contact our experts today and they will help you find the most ideal cocktail ring of your choice. 

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So, girls, would you like to wear cocktail rings this season? Do let us know in the comment section!