Smoking regular cigarettes no longer bring so much fun. With so many diverse devices, designs, flavors of all kinds, it’s no wonder the vape community is growing every day. Vapers all around the globe have more and more requirements, so the variety of these devices and accessories is growing to maximize the enjoyment of the vape system.

When you enter the world of vape systems, don’t forget that each system is different and that the choice depends only on your personal preferences and what you want to achieve when smoking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Greener Pastures Pre-Rolled Cross Joint because that’s the only way to get to your ideal device and taste.

How do vape pod systems work?

Before we go through the most critical factors to consider when choosing high quality closed vape pod devices, let’s explain some basic differences in vape systems. There are open vape systems – devices that are designed to have an empty tank, so you change and refill the e-liquid. In other words, you can add e-juice whenever you want.

Closed vape pods have a cartridge that is discarded after use and replaced with new ones designed just for that type of device. In short, you change tanks with liquids every time you run out.

  1. What is your vaping style?

Let’s face it, creating a colossal vapor cloud brings excellent satisfaction, and there is nothing wrong if you vape so you can play with smoke and compete in making as many clouds as possible.

Here, it is essential to ask yourself what your vaping style is: do you inhale the vapor directly to your lungs (DTL), or do you like to keep it in your mouth first (MTL)?

Either you like big volume vapor or prefer discreetly vaping in public; there are all kinds of vape pods at the market that will fulfill your needs.

  1. Design that drives you

Today’s device designs do not cease to amaze. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of them have sharp edges or curves, a futuristic design, and look like coming from space. At first glance, it may happen that you don’t know what kind of device it is. Most vapers aim for a more simple and comfortable design. Indeed, the choice is so large that each vaper will find their ideal design following their wishes.

What is essential to pay attention to is that the device is easy to use, practical to carry, and fits nicely in your hand. It should have a mouth-friendly design when smoking, and the ignition button should be protected so that the device does not light up when it is in a bag or pocket.

  • Need help to quit smoking?

When vaping an e-cigarette, the device releases the vapor from the heated nicotine-flavored liquid. Traditional cigarettes emit nicotine smoke which is harmful to health because it contains a lot of toxic chemicals. In this sense, vape pods are a safer option for smokers. By the study, there is a nice number of smokers switched to vape systems to quit smoking.

For fans of nicotine, e-juices offer a wide variety of tobacco tastes. This way, by combining the right taste and dose of nicotine, when smoking an e-cigarette, you can have the complete experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. Some devices may even have the shape of a real cigarette that you can hold between your fingers.

  1. Choose your e-flavor

Banana muffin, apple guava, lemonade, mango, menthol, the choice of tastes is infinite. Whether you like fruity and exotic flavors or stick to the taste of tobacco, vape pods offer a large selection of e-juices and combinations of flavors that will blow your mind.

Another advantage of closed pod systems is that the e-juices tank can be changed cleanly and

practically, without spilling and staining.

  • Battery life and durability

Depending on the manufacturer, some devices have stronger batteries and charging systems than others. If you want maximum device power, fast USB charging, and a long-lasting battery, these criteria should be first on the list when choosing your vape system.

Some batteries can be smaller and last 8-9 hours, while some take more hours to charge and look bulky.

  • Prices

In addition to choosing the size, design, device, taste, and accessories, you should pay the most attention to the price. As there is a large selection of devices, the prices vary from 10$ to 60$. Some brands are famous or better known, so the prices are higher, but some are quite affordable and still offer excellent quality.


Once you have all of your pros and cons, you can start searching. But, do not forget, your first criterion should be to follow your feeling while experimenting. Even the best-designed, newest generation of vaporizers might not match your needs.