The vinyl deck membrane known as Duradek is impermeable to water. It was among the first manufacturers to hit the market in 1974, and since then, the term “vinyl decking” has been synonymous with the product itself. Akin to the “Kleenex” brand of facial tissues. Perhaps Duradek has become synonymous with PVC decking. Although the duradek in Calgary and the rest of the world has earned a solid reputation, it isn’t the only high-quality vinyl decking choice. The vinyl decking industry is very competitive. It’s possible to locate alternatives to the duradek in Calgary and elsewhere you live that are just as good, if not better, with a little bit of digging. Continue reading this article to understand how Duradek membranes have several advantages over Wood decks.

Top Five Benefits Of Duradek Membranes Over Wood

Often referred to by its chemical name, “vinyl,” a vinyl deck is a membrane used to prevent water damage. Duradek in Calgary and worldwide is an excellent option for preserving outdoor furniture and enhancing your area. You may use it on your lakeside dock in addition to your deck, porches, balcony, and other outdoor spaces. Its widespread acceptance may be attributed to its outperforming more conventional decking options such as wood and composite with less expense and upkeep. A few advantages of vinyl decking are defined as under:

1. Simple to maintain

Preserving the beauty of a wood deck calls for a significant time commitment. Your deck will need regular maintenance, including repainting or staining and replacing any boards that have deteriorated or become warped. A wood deck may require periodic maintenance, such as sanding or repairing. Vinyl decks need occasional sweeping and mopping to maintain a clean appearance. Use a broom with gentle bristles to remove any grime that refuses to budge. Once a year, the garden hose is usually enough to prepare the deck for spring.

2. Modular and straightforward to set up

Complicated installations often need more time and money to complete. Installing a vinyl deck requires little effort. They are laid directly on top of existing flooring or subfloors. The membrane is secured to the deck using specialized adhesives. Any time two sheets of membrane overlap, there is an overlap of an inch, and the seam is thoroughly heat welded to provide a watertight seal. The edges are folded and attached over the outside borders and connecting walls. Because of how simple it is to set up, you may expect lower labor costs and a lower total price. A professional installer of duradeks in Calgary and globally, different Vinyl Decking and Railing companies are recommended to handle the installation. Waterproofing your deck is an essential step in making it last for several years, and just a professional installation will guarantee that it is done right.

3. Sturdy and impervious to water

Whenever it comes to long-term durability, nothing compares to the vinyl membrane materials offered by Weatherdek. Some things have withstood over two decades’ worth of exposure to the worst climatic conditions possible throughout the continent of North America. The moisture, mold, and mildew are prevented from entering the structure. It is also resistant to being scraped, dented, and soiled without displaying any indications of wear and tear over time.

4. Appealing to one’s visual senses

Since the period during which it was only available in sheet form, vinyl flooring has undergone substantial development. Deck covers are accessible in a dizzying array of hues, textures, and designs, not to mention many different styles. Weatherdek may be made to provide the appearance of a wide range of other materials, such as hardwood, concrete, granite, marble, or even different types of natural stones. Because it conceals unattractive shrapnel, bolts, and nail heads, it contributes to an attractive appearance and may be walked barefoot without risk. 


When sourcing and installing Weatherdek, your best bet is to go with professional deck builders in Calgary and your nearby area specializing in vinyl decking. Because of their extensive experience working with this vinyl decking material, they are positioned to provide a final product of the most outstanding quality over wood decking. You will be pleased with your choice to do business with duradek repair in Calgary and worldwide due to the excellent reputation they have earned, the low rates they provide, the extensive guarantee, and the dependable and friendly service.