Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that makes it easy for those who want to have an online business. Its 14-day free trial is really friendly to new starters. If you plan to start selling online with no money, you can use Shopify in dropshipping model. Therefore, you can try in 14 days totally for free as dropshiping requires no inventory as well. To make those much easier, you must try this free dropshipping tool called DSers in the same time. Therefore, in this guide, I will let you know how to use DSers to start a dropshipping business totally for free as a beginner.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that doesn’t require a product inventory. It’s suitable for first-time online seller to test their business ideas without invest a penny. In the dropshipping model, you act as a middleman who connect your customers with your suppliers virtually. You receive the orders from your customer and place the orders to your suppliers who directly ship the products to the customers. Is it seems quite easy? Not really! Image that you get dozens of customer orders, how can you let your suppliers to ship them in a day to your customers. Without a dropshipping tool, it’s impossible. That’s why we will introduce DSers to you.

What is DSers?

DSers is the top 1 rated dropshipping app on Shopify app store. With 4700+ positive reviews on Shopify, DSers helped 150k users start and grow dropshipping business in an easier way. It not only offers service for Shopify store owners, but also allows you to manage multiple stores on WooCoomerce, Wix and more in the app dashboard.


What’s more, DSers is here for you to manage and place orders in bulk to AliExpress in seconds, which save you a lot of time and energy. Below, I would like to introduce the main parts during dropshipping to help better understand how to start your dropshipping store step by step.

1. Find Suppliers for Your Products

When you get your Shopify store ready, the next step is add products to your store. Here you may already have a product niche in mind, so the problem is where to find the suppliers to ship the products to your customer once you received an order. AliExpress is the biggest Chinese brand directory where you can find cheap and high-quality product suppliers. AliExpress dropshipping is also a better choice for dropshippers. But how to find the suitable ones for your store? It’s time-wasting if you don’t find an effective way out. No worries, DSers is the right tool to help you can find well performed product suppliers on AliExpress.

2. Place Orders to Your Suppliers on AliExpress when Orders Come in

After your products are live on your store, the most exciting thing is that orders are coming in. If you’re a new starter, you might be worried about what to do next. For sure, you should ship the orders to your customer. Luckily, you’re a dropshipper so you don’t have to make the shipment but ask your suppliers to do it for you. How? With DSers, you will see your orders automatically synced from your store in the awaiting order list. Select them in bulk and click “Place orders to AliExpress” button then you only need to pay them and the rest thing is your suppliers’. You only need to keep an eye on the order status on DSers until orders are fulfilled.

For more features of DSers, you can check them here or visit its website.