There is something special about being outdoors while you are a bit high. It deepens your awareness of your environment and connects your body and sense to nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that many weed consumers love to spend time outdoors.

It is believed that walking or hiking deep into nature heightens the experiences you get with sounds, smells, and sights. According to the Japanese therapeutic practice known as forest bathing, you can release worries and stress by simply walking through the forests and woods.

Forest bathing is said to rejuvenate the senses and improve your awareness, just as weed does. Combining an outdoor experience with weed takes you to another level of self-awareness and self-care. So, what smoking pipes are best for hiking?

Without a doubt, many pipes abound that you can consider for your next hiking adventure. However, have you thought of how great a bubbler pipe is? This post looks at how great are for hiking and why you should get a piece for your next outdoor adventure.

What are Bubblers?

Bubblers are like bongs with a stem, mouthpiece, bowl, and water chamber. However, unlike bongs, bubblers have a static, non-removable mouthpiece that comes with a carburetor. The good news is that several varieties of bubbler pipes are available in the market. That means you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Different Types of Bubblers

You will find several varieties of bubblers in the market. They come in different shapes, styles, colors, and designs. Here are some available options.

  • Sherlock: This looks like the famous literary icon’s Sherlock Holmes’ tobacco pipe. It is similar to a hammer bubbler but comes with a curved “S” shape.
  • Hammer: The hammer bubbler comes like a hammer. It features a stable design that makes it easy to stand on a flat surface without rolling around.
  • Pendant: This is arguably the smallest bubbler. It comes with a little ring/hole that can be fastened to a chain.
  • Sidecar: This comes with a mouthpiece and stems attached to the side of the water chamber. Its design prevents water splash-back when in use.
  • Double Bubblers: As the name indicates, double bubblers come with two chambers instead of one. These chambers are also referred to as dual percolators. If filters the smoke twice, which makes it extra clean and powerful hit of flavor.

Why is the Bubbler Pipe great for Hiking?

Getting stoned with a bubbler pipe is fast and grandeur. It offers the smoothest hit there is among all pipes. Thanks to its water filtration, you never have to worry about consuming impurities from your weed product ever again.

Having a bubbler in your pack as you go on adventurous hiking will make a world of difference in your outdoor experience. Here are some facts that make a bubbler a great choice for hiking.

  • Bubblers are Portable

If you want the portability offered by hand pipes with the bong’s capabilities of water filtration, the bubbler is your go-to pipe. Thanks to the shape and size, they are easier to use and handle on the go. You do not have to worry about storage as it can sit comfortably in any pouch, which you can put in your backpack.

The size makes for discreet smoking, which is a great perk if you are worried about privacy. Make sure you have already ground up your bud before leaving home and pack it in a safe place. It is easy to load a bubbler and get your hit without much stress.

  • Easy to use on the Go

Bubblers let you get your hit without breaking a sweat while hiking. It is easy to use as all you have to do is take a little and load it into the bowl light. You can even load your first hit before you leave home. Next, plug the rush and place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Light the bud and start inhaling to pull the flame towards the bud.

Just pull for a send and release your finger from the rush and then inhale the remains of the smoke completely in a single hit. It takes a few minutes to get your hit, which will not affect your movement in any way. So, get stoned fast and enjoy a heightened sense and get in tune with your environment as you explore nature.

  • Smoothest Hits

Bubblers are known for their ability to deliver the cleanest, smoothest, and coolest hit. The flavorful hit you get from a bubbler cannot in any way compare to hand pipes. They also offer a better tasting experience since you do not have to worry about resins and tars getting into your lungs.

Bubblers are a great choice for new smokers because they do not deliver harsh smokes like others. Thanks to water filtration, you can take a drag without worrying about going into a fit of cough. Bubblers are a clean way of getting the right hit while on the go.

  • Very Durable

When going hiking, you cannot afford to pack delicate items that can break when going through the rigor in the woods. A bubbler pipe can stand the test of time and withstand wear and tear. It is highly durable, which makes them an excellent choice for hiking.

It is worth noting that bubblers are more durable than bongs and when you consider their designs and size, you will agree that they are perfect for hiking.

Bubblers are a good choice for hiking. They are portable, durable, and easy to load and use. It does not require a special skill to use the piece and you can get the hang of it after a couple of uses. Their ability to deliver powerful and flavorful hits within a short drag is what makes them the perfect deal for hiking.

You do not have to spend long minutes to complete your smoking session. Within a few minutes, you can load the bowl, light your bud, and take a long drag and that is all. Bubblers surely deliver the best smoking experienced hikers.