Planning a reroofing or roof replacement project? Now is the time to take creative control of what your roof and home will look like for the next 20 or more years. With the array of roof shingle color options available on the market, you cannot go wrong with the right color mix. Selecting the desired color before hiring a roofing company is a great way to plan for the project; however, you may also seek professional advice from the roofer before proceeding.

Here are some top considerations to keep in mind when choosing a roof shingle color for your home.

Consider your personal style 

Your next roof ought to look superb, especially as it’s not something you’ll change annually. Ahead of the reroofing or roof replacement, consider what works best for your home and the type of impression you wish to make on visitors.

A good way to go about this is to look online for inspiration. You can also pay more attention to buildings in the neighborhood and how they’ve combined their roof and building colors. If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior, plan the shingle color around the expected color for your home.

Document your ideas on a mood board

Thinking up color combinations is a great way to start the project, however, interpreting it on a mood board gives you a visual and graphic representation of its appeal. Some color combinations may work best in your head but lack the appeal you desire when represented.

Your mood board also gives you a rough sketch of your ideas as they progress and taper toward certain color options. You can go back and forth over time to understand what you want and the best colors to combine for your new roofing project.

Discard all limitations based on existing roof shingle color

Homeowners often feel boxed into a corner when creatively exploring color options for their roof shingles. A part of this creative frustration is because of their existing shingle color and its dull or drab look.

To get the best out of the roofing project, you must think wide and allow yourself to explore as much as possible. Start by listing out all the possible shingle color options and eliminating the existing shingle color from your list. You can then begin to pair the available shingle colors with your property’s color. You may also speak to your roofer about combining two shingle colors to compliment your property’s look and appeal.

Consider bold colors on designer shingles

Designer shingles are expensive but offer a wider array of colors that aren’t too common. This means that you can select a range of different colors from the new products while also getting increased protection, a longer-lasting roof, and a highly durable roofing shingle.  

If considering designer shingles, ensure to go for the bold color options. Those colors beautify the home more and are less likely to fade after years of use.

Speak to your roofer about color options and style

If you haven’t already spoken to your roofer, now is the time to get started. Present your color options to your roofer and ask about their input. An experienced roofer will be able to imagine what you want and determine whether you’ve made a good pairing selection or not. Your roofer may also be able to suggest modifications to improve the overall outcome of the project.

Compare the impact of your color selection on roofing cost

Your roofing budget is an essential part of the entire project. Speak to your roofing contractor about how much of an impact your color selections have on your roofing cost. If you aren’t prepared to spend money on designer shingles, you may need to eliminate some color options available only to that class of shingles.

You may need to start working with the shingle color options available within your budget if your desired color options are too expensive to afford. Alternatively, you can ask your roofer about possible financing solutions to keep your dreams alive.

See the shingle colors in real life before committing 

Conceptualized colors are often different from what’s obtainable. The hue or shade may be different, which may change the overall design you had in mind. It is best to see the color options you’re considering in real life before committing to the project.

You can visit the nearest roofing material store or take a tour with your roofer to assess the color options you’ve selected and determine whether they are as imagined.

Think about the future

While you have the creative freedom to choose the best shingle roofing color today, you should also think about the future. Consider what’ll happen in the next five to ten years and if you’ll still like the color you’ve selected now.

These considerations above will help you choose the right roof shingle color for your home’s next roofing project.