It was a breezy Saturday morning, as I opened up my small coffee bar which was located just along the ever-busy Cape Lake city. Everyone was just starting off their various daily work, usually you’d mostly seeing people jogging their way to the gym since it’s a Saturday and Saturday is mostly a no office day for some companies around the small city.

My two employees Martins and Katie were yet to resume for the day, but that didn’t stop me from starting off my business. As I tried to arrange the bar and set the tables and chairs properly to begin the day work, a certain white old couple walked in holding hands to support their seemingly slow movement.

“Good morning” I greeted, good morning son, the old man replied with a smile, as his wife was all smiles too, what a beautiful old couple I thought, so coffee and milk or just coffee? I asked, “just coffee will be fine”, they both chorused still smiling like this was the most beautiful last days of their lives. Pouring the coffee from the jar into their cups, I noticed on their wrinkled wrist a matching, but also a very odd bracelets that was looking rather too obsolete, “nice matching bracelets you have there” I said with a brief smile, yes thank you, they replied one after the other, with this indescribable joy written all over their faces, his wife whispered like it was a secret “we’ve had this bracelets for 49 years now” as they held their hands, staring eye-to-eye.

Wow that’s incredible I said, trying not to act too shocked, a little love secret lesson you’d love to share? I asked, still trying to contain the joy I had inside of me watching this old couple so happy and contented, yes son, so many love secret lessons I can tell you, but I will tell you just one, which is ”When you find someone or if you have someone who loves you unconditionally and you feel the same way about them, never you let go of them, even in their weakness, stand by them, never let go!” wow thank you sir and madam, I will write your precious words in my today’s diary, if you’d be needing anything else, I’d be right over there, I said pointing at the big coffee machine at the corner of the small room. As I walked away from the old couple I kept turning back looking at them, so old, yet so excited about life, making jokes, chattering hard like they just fell in love, it made me remember Rachel when we first met.

I had this cute matching bracelet given to me by Rachel as well and I always wore it, seeing those couple took my mind back to when Rachel and I celebrated our first month anniversary, I went over to her place after work. That night we stayed up all night talking about how much we loved and adored ourselves and of course we made sweet love that night, it was one beautiful night to remember.

It’s been over 2 years and 5 months now since Rachel and I fell in love and she has been the most beautiful part of my life, she gives me hope like I’ve never seen. I remember how we met, she usually comes to my coffee bar every morning before she goes to her workplace, Rachel worked as an accountant in the biggest fashion company in the city HOUSE OF DIVAS. Not to deviate to her career…

Rachel and I fell in love in the most unexpected way, even though she has been coming to my coffee bar for almost 5 months then, we never made any eye contact lasting more than a second. I was serving a particular table of four coffee that morning, placing their cups of coffee on their table, I tried to turn back with the now empty tray in my hands, that was when I bumped into Rachel who was waving at someone at her far left and she wasn’t looking, everything seemed to happen so spontaneous that morning, as we bumped into each other, for the first time in like 5 months she has been coming to my bar we stared face-to-face, eye-to-eye for God knows how many seconds that looked like forever, we just stayed speechless looking at ourselves being so lost in our heads, their was this amazing chemistry I felt between us, I have never in my life felt that way for a woman, it felt surreal, “it’s okay, I mean I wasn’t looking either” she said with a smirk, coffee? I asked, yes please with little milk too thank you, she responded, I got back with the coffee in a jar, a cup and a small canned milk tin all in a tray, as I served her the coffee on her table, she laid her hands on mine, It didn’t feel like a caution to tell me the quantity of coffee in her cup was okay, it felt like she had something else to tell me, I looked up to her face as both of us stared at ourselves rather lustfully, as we waited for who to drop the word first, “you mind I take you for dinner tonight after work? The least I can do for bumping into a beautiful woman like you” I asked, “yes sure”, she replied shockingly, everything was playing so fast, we just knew this was our moment, we were meant for each other, it was destiny realigning our paths and that was how our love story began. We have never loved ourselves less since then.

I was already lost in my deep imagination, running my finger around the bracelet on my wrist, I so much loved the bracelet from umisoul, because anytime I look at it, it reminds me of finding a beautiful future in my present everyday I wake up, the bracelet was so precious to me, anytime I see it, I see Rachel undying and unconditional love in it. There was a time a time I forgot it at home, because I usually take it off before taking my bath, I was already in my bar and I touched my wrist and it was empty, I remember how I dropped a customer coffee and ran back home like someone who lost a bride on his wedding day. The bracelet from Rachel was that precious to me, Rachel was more like my lifestyle now and I loved her so much that I could surrender my soul for her.

I was already enjoying myself inside of my head when Martins suddenly tapped me back to reality, I’m sorry sir there was a little traffic and Katie sent a text, which she said she sent to your phone too, she said she won’t be making it to work today as she is very ill, Martins said, it’s okay, grab an apron let’s get to work I replied. I was so lost in my head I didn’t even notice when the old couple left.