You need not be a fashion expert to choose the suitable pair of eyeglasses that look good on you. A wide variety of options are available in the market, and you can select the right one by considering certain factors. You should choose a frame you love and one that makes you feel confident the moment you put them on. 

Have you ever wondered why specific glasses look enticing on display but do not look as attractive as you thought when you put them on? It might be because you chose the wrong frame for your face type. 

One of the best ways of finding frames that suit your face shape is to select frames that complement your face’s coloring and shape and accentuate your best facial features. Finding the right pair for yourself might be a challenging task. There are a wide variety of glasses suitable for each face type available at different Vincent Chase price ranges, and you can choose the one you like best. 

Read on to know how you can find the appropriate glasses that suit your face shape.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses

Face Shape

A lot depends on your face shape. Every face is different, and it needs a different kind of frame to enhance its unique features. Know your face shape first, whether it is oval, round, heart-shaped, or diamond. The shape of your face aids you in identifying which kind of glasses is best for your style. 

  • Oval face – Eyeglasses that are ideal for an oval face have a strong bridge and are wider than the part of the face which is broadest. These frames have a geometric shape. For oval-shaped face, you should avoid overlarge glasses, covering up more than half of the face, which might disturb the natural balance and the face symmetry. 
  • Round face – Eyewear rectangular or square frames are usually more comprehensive than a round face. This aspect might accentuate your face by making it look longer and slimmer, and it adds a balance to your round features. For round-shaped face, you should avoid round frames, rimless frames, and small frames, as these kinds will enhance the roundness of your face. 
  • Diamond face – Emphasize a narrow forehead and chin with frames more comprehensive than the cheekbones, such as oval frames or cat-eye glasses. These frames would highlight your cheekbones and make your delicate features prominent. You should not try narrow or boxy frames if you have a diamond-shaped face, as it would make the width of your face prominent and draw attention to the narrow features instead of enhancing them. 
  • Square face – Eyeglasses that have a soft angularity and are placed high on the bridge of the nose are perfect for square faces. Round or oval eyeglasses add balance and make your square face appear thinner. You should avoid boxy and angular frames as it makes your angular features prominent, and your face might appear bulky. 
  • Heart-shaped face – Frames that do justice to the forehead’s wideness and the chin’s narrowness are perfect. Eyewear with low-set temples and heavy bottom frame lines would add width to the narrow part of your face. Square or round eyeglasses having curved edges would deviate the attention from a high and broad forehead. You must avoid any color and style that makes the forehead prominent such as frames with embellished tops or decorative temples. 

Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

Face shape is crucial for determining the glasses that suit you, but you should also consider your skin tone while choosing the appropriate frame for your face type. It is essential to buy frames that are closest to your skin tone. 

  • Cool skin tone – If you are said to have a cool complexion if your skin has a pink or blue undertone. Choose colors such as black, silver, pink, dark tortoise, blue, purple, mauve, or gray. 
  • Warm skin tone – If you have a bronze, yellow or golden skin tone, you are said to have a warm complexion. Steer clear of colors that contrast your skin tone, like pastels. White or black frames do not work as well. Instead, choose colors such as brown shades, light tortoise, beige, olive green, mauve, gray, gold, or honey. 

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