There are many different juicy fruits and berries that we enjoy eating or making juices out of them. Elderberries are one of them. If you have a stressful day the best choice is to add some elderberries to tea that will tone you and bring you back to normal. So do not hesitate and make a cup of tea with lime and elderberries and test your luck at 22Bet login

Wrong Imagination

Many people think that the shiny black elderberries are inedible. Apparently, the “magical” glory of the elder is to blame for this delusion. In Europe, this plant symbolizes witchcraft. It is believed that the witch’s pomelo is made from it. However, the berries of this shrub (Sambucus is a close relative of honeysuckle) can also be found in culinary applications. They will go well both in jam and in filling for pies. Moreover, not only berries are used in cooking, but also flowers, and even young shoots of elderberry. Black and red elderberry are used in beekeeping as honey plants.

For medicinal purposes, berries, bark, roots, young shoots, and flowers of elderberry – both black and red – are used.

In cooking, red elderberry is not used because of the unpleasant smell and taste. Edible young elderberry shoots are harvested in the spring while they are tender – for example, in April.

Elderberry blooms in late May – early June, and it is at this time that the collection of its flowers is carried out.  Black elderberries are harvested in August-September, but sometimes after the first frost in October.