Today, “royal herb”, as basil is also called, is most often associated with Mediterranean cuisine, its sweet and fragrant fragrance is especially loved by Italians and French. But in our kitchen, he is given a worthy place! If you want to feel like one of the royalties then test your luck at Bet22

Basil is a herb with a strong spicy aroma and astringent, slightly bitter taste. India is considered the birthplace of the basil. Basil is green or “opal” (purple). In Europe, green is popular, which is grown in Mediterranean countries like France, Italy, Morocco, and Egypt. In Russia, Georgian purple basil is most often sold. It tastes a little rougher than green.

Basil is useful not only in a gastronomic sense. Basil compresses and baths help with redness and eye fatigue after long driving at night or working at a computer. Infusion should be done only from fresh leaves.

Interesting Facts

There are several types of basil, many of which are edible. Each species has several varieties that differ from one another not only in color but also in a wide range of flavors – from bitter peppery to sweet vanilla.

A plant that is familiar to European culinary specialists, botanists know as fragrant basil (Ocimum basilicum). It grows wild in Iran, India, China, and some other eastern countries.

There are two main types of fragrant basil – green and purple (opal). In each case, there are many varieties.

In Italy, numerous local varieties of green fragrant basil are valued, and residents of different regions claim that it is the basil from their area that is the best, and all the rest cannot be eaten. If you are thinking about making Italian pesto (the most famous recipe with basil), you will definitely need green basil.