The Von Erichs, originally known as the Adkissons and hailing from Texas, have carved out a place for themselves in the world of wrestling. The story of their family, which was a mix of professional achievements and personal heartbreaks captured the essence and highs and lows of life. The release of “The Iron Claw”, a new book, rekindles their story and highlights both their triumphs and challenges.

Key Details:

NameDate and DeathAge of DeathCauses of Death
Jack Jr. Von Erich19597Accidental electrocution resulting in drowning
David Von Erich198425Acute enteritis with drug possible involvement
Mike Von Erich198723Overdose on tranquilizers
Chris Von Erich199121Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot
Kerry Von Erich199333Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot

The Ascension Of The Von Erich Family In Wrestling:

The meteoric rise of the Von Erich family in the world of wrestling was legendary. Fritz Von Erich’s wrestling style and persona laid the foundation for the family, but the sons were the ones who took the family international. The Von Erichs brought innovation, skills, and a special flair to the ring. They established the Von Erichs a dominant force within the wrestling world.

Kerry Von Erich: A Shining Star:

Kerry’s talent was evident among the brothers. He was a fan favorite because of his agility, charisma and captivating in-ring stories. Kerry’s matches were theatrical masterpieces. He was nicknamed “The Modern Day Warrior”, “The Texas Tornado” and other names. While his legacy was cut short, it remains an important chapter in wrestling history.

David Mike and Chris: Potential dimmed by tragedy:

David’s sudden death shocked the world of wrestling. Fans and peers were devastated by his sudden death. Mike faced many challenges despite his love for the sport. His tragic death was a result of these. Chris, the youngest of the three, struggled with personal demons which ultimately led him to make a heartbreaking decision.

Jack Jr. : The loss that preceded wrestling fame:

The Von Erich family suffered a great loss before the world became familiar with their wrestling achievements. The death of Jack Jr. was a tragic reminder of the unpredictability of life. It left an indelible mark on his family.

Accolades and Recognition:

It’s not like the Von Erich family hasn’t made a contribution to wrestling. Induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 is a testament to the Von Erich family’s impact on wrestling. It was a bittersweet recognition, both a celebration of professional achievements and a reminder of personal losses.

Kevin Von Erich, The Torchbearer for the Legacy:

Kevin is the symbol of hope and resilience in the Von Erich family. Kevin is the last living member of the original brothers and has carried the burden of their legacy. Kevin’s spirit has remained unwavering through all the trials and tribulations. Kevin continues to promote the name of his family, ensuring that their story filled with love, lessons, and legacy endures for future generations.

Von Erich Memorial Tournament: Celebrating A Legacy:

Von Erich Memorial Tournament is a tribute to their contributions, and to remember those who have passed too soon. This annual event draws wrestling fans and peers to celebrate the spirit and resilience of the Von Erich family.

The Von Erich story is a testament to life’s duality – dizzying heights of success in the professional world, and heart-wrenching tragedies on a personal level. The Von Erich family’s legacy is immortalized in wrestling and retold through “The Iron Claw.” It reminds us of their indomitable spirits, inspiring future generations to persevere no matter what.


  1. Who is the Von Erich in professional wrestling?
    Von Erichs is a famous wrestling dynasty in Texas. They are known for their contributions to sport.
  2. How tragically many Von Erichs has it been?
    David, Mike Chris Kerry and Jack Jr. are the five Von Erichs who tragically passed away.
  3. What was the cause of David Von Erich’s death?
    David Von Erich, who died in 1984 of acute enteritis is suspected to have been affected by drugs.
  4. Did any Von Erichs commit suicide?
    Both Chris Von Erich and Kerry Von Erich tragically committed suicide.
  5. Which of the original Von Erich Brothers is still alive?
    Kevin Von Erich, the only surviving Von Erich brother is the only one who has survived.