Worth over 350 billion dollars, the sports industry is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people across the globe.

However, when you try to buy sports tickets, you may wonder if selling a limb will cover the cost. Passes to regular season games can be pricey and post-season prices are exorbitant! However, you can still enjoy watching your team play without taking a loan out for your tickets.

When buying sports tickets, knowing how to get the best deal is essential to helping you enjoy your time spent watching your favorite teams compete.

1. Sign Up for Mailing Lists

Easily, one of the best ways to get access to presale tickets, discounts, and coupon codes is to sign up for mailing lists. These are free to sign up for, meaning you can score great seats for a fraction of the cost.

The only downside to mailing lists is that your inbox will likely be overrun with offers, promotions, and news that doesn’t interest you. However, staying vigilant and reading them carefully can help you find what you’re looking for.

2. The Day of the Week Matters

It’s no secret that going to a sporting event on the weekend will cost you more. This is because more people can attend without a work conflict, so many venues will raise the price of tickets.

However, if you want to know how to save money, go on a weeknight. These tickets tend to be more affordable and you can discover more opportunities to cheer on your favorite players.

3. Wait if Possible

If you’ve had no luck, one of the best ways to save money on tickets is to wait until the day of the game to purchase them. Though this is risky as there are limited tickets, you can score a serious discount.

When venues don’t sell all of their tickets, they’ll drop the prices on the day of in hopes they can still make money. You’ll need to prepare yourself for the possibility that this isn’t a guarantee, as the best sports tickets may sell out before the start of the game.

4. Know Your Opponent

Finally, you’ll want to go to less popular games. This means you should skip out on going to the match against your division rivals in favor of getting tickets when your team plays a less popular opponent.

Many people want to go to high-value games as they tend to be more exciting. However, if you opt to watch your team play against a team they’re a shoo-in to beat, you can score cheap sports tickets.

How to Buy Sports Tickets for Less

While the benefits of sports for exercise are undeniable, there are many advantages for fans too! Not only do you get to watch your favorite teams play in person, but you’ll immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people.

When it comes to money-saving tips to buy sports tickets, your journey is only beginning! Check out the rest of our website for more lifestyle and finance tips and tricks to help you.