A bride-to-pre-bridal list usually includes an extended range of cosmetic treatments, from facial injectables to body scrubs and polishing. Considering that it is her special day, she must look stunning and flawless.

The possibilities of side effects are considerable with procedures like fillers, botox, and chemical peels, but they can provide specific results. 

So rather than using chemicals, why not use something that ensures a lovely and glowing appearance on your special day? 

To appear lovely on her wedding day, a bride-to-be should stick to the pre-wedding cosmetic procedures listed below.

  1.  Go for regular facials

Facials also help to tighten skin, just like regular exercise does for your body. A few sessions would not, however, provide the required outcomes. At least four to 5 months before your wedding, indulge yourself with routine facials. 

Cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, using a face pack, and then moisturizing are all steps in the procedure. The removal of sweat, oil, and grime from the skin is ensured by a deep clean. Exfoliation promotes cell renewal, making you feel younger. 

  • The third step to bettering blood circulation is massage. 
  • Afterwards, a face pack is applied in line with the skin type. 
  • Finally, the process is completed by using a high-quality moisturizer.
  1. Breast Augmentation

It’s not unusual for people to get cosmetic surgery before getting married. After all, your wedding day should be a memorable occasion! You have a right to feel and appear your very best.

Brides-to-be may be interested in breast augmentation but unsure whether there will be enough time for recovery before the wedding. The response is, “It depends.” You should typically plan a breast reduction at least 6 to 12 months before the wedding.

  1. Care for your hair

Start experimenting with your hair texture after your wedding date has been announced. Get regular wedding hair spa treatments, consume vitamin-rich foods, and drink lots of water. Your lifeless hair will become silky, smooth, and shining, undoubtedly giving it life. Your scalp will remain clear of dandruff if you do this. Additionally, if you intend to dye your hair, do it after contacting a hairstylist and do it well in advance. Before your wedding, avoid making any last-minute hairstyle changes.

  1. Hand and foot care

Your hands and feet require care just like any other part of your body. Well-shaped, healthy-looking nails will enhance the beauty of your mehendiadorned hands and feet. 

Make it a practice to get manicures and pedicures often. These procedures also maintain the hydration and condition of your skin. However, you should only do your final session a day or two before your D-day.

  1. Brazilian wax

A future bride should get a Brazilian wax in addition to the usual waxing procedure. Since the entire pubic region is hair-free, it differs somewhat from bikini waxing. To determine whether it will work for you if this is your first time, you should test it out months before your wedding. A patch test should be performed initially, as well.


Follow a strict skincare routine for luminous, healthy-looking skin at least two months before your big day. Avoid consuming fatty foods and beverages.

Before going to bed, remove your makeup. Maintain a consistent regimen of twice-daily cleaning, toning, and moisturizing.