As a manager, what skills do you look for in new hires? Well, it can depend on the company. For example, if you work for an accounting firm with many clients who expect to reach someone 24/7, they may want their employees to have strong phone etiquette. Other companies might not care about phone etiquette and instead focus more on efficiency or attention to detail.

Regardless of which skill is most important at your company, every manager wants their employees to be energetic and eager to learn new things. This blog post will discuss the five skills that every manager looks for in new hires.

Communication skills

Both written and verbal communication are required for career success, therefore it is important that a manager hire someone who has strong communication skills. By demonstrating excellent communication skills, employees are able to engage in thoughtful dialogue with their peers and contribute ideas.

This includes having the ability to express ideas clearly and concisely while also being able to listen carefully and demonstrate an understanding of what was communicated during a conversation with others on the team.

Work ethic/Passion for work

Employees must have passion about the work they do, otherwise it becomes very difficult on them as well as those around them if they are not putting in their best effort. Managers want to see that potential employees are excited about the work they would be doing and that they will be a valuable asset to the team.

Showing your passion for work can come across in many ways, whether it is being proactive about career development or by demonstrating that you are excited to be a part of the work environment.


This includes being able to handle change and working under pressure. These are necessary skills in career advancement, especially when it comes to competing within the workplace. Managers want to see that someone is able to handle change and take on new or challenging tasks without becoming flustered or overwhelmed by them.

Since this one is a little harder to quantify, it is important that potential employees showcase their ability to be adaptable in other ways. If you’re having problems demonstrating or mastering this skill, a career coach in Sydney can be of great help.


To ensure job success, it is important that employees take responsibility for their own work and mistakes—this includes admitting when they are wrong, learning from past experiences, and taking ownership of the outcomes of their efforts.  Managers want to see that a potential hire is able to take accountability for their career success and the opportunities they receive in the workplace.

Taking accountability also requires being able to work independently and be self-sufficient. This means not constantly relying on others for help or expecting guidance in order to complete tasks.

Teamwork abilities

Teamwork is necessary for career advancement and managers want to see that potential employees are able to work well with others on the team. This may be demonstrated through past experiences working in groups, demonstrating patience when it comes to communicating ideas or suggestions with teammates, as well as being open-minded about change overall.

Final thoughts

The skills that managers look for in new hires are not always the same. They depend on what career field you want to work in, as well as whether or not you want an office job versus a more flexible career path. The point here is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hiring people—it really depends on what kind of career success you hope to achieve long term.