Northwestern State University has announced that the rest of its football season for 2023 will be cancelled. This move reflects the impact of an unfortunate incident. The decision was made in response to the tragic loss of junior safety Ronnie Caldwell. Brad Laird’s resignation as the head coach of the team, who cited Caldwell’s death as a major factor in his decision, has compounded this sad situation.

Who was Ronnie Caldwell?

Ronnie Caldwell is a junior safety from Cedar Park, Texas. He transferred from Tyler Junior College to the University of Texas in 2021. Caldwell was an integral member of his team despite his injury, acting both as player and coach. His dedication and loyalty was unfaltering as he assisted fellow defensive backs improve their techniques and strategies. Natchitoches Police Department are investigating his death on campus grounds where multiple shots had been fired at Caldwell multiple times during an assault that ended his life.

Impact of Caldwell’s death on the team

Northwestern State University’s football team was deeply saddened to learn of Ronnie Caldwell’s passing last month, with President Marcus Jones acknowledging and emphasizing its impact, stressing how important mental health and well-being were as priority issues for student-athletes. The decision to cancel this season is a compassionate one, as it values the time needed to grieve and heal more than the desire to continue athletic commitments.

Brad Laird’s Resignation

Brad Laird resigned as head coach due to the emotional strain caused by Ronnie Caldwell’s death. Laird expressed his deep attachment to the team and university. He said that losing a member of the family was a similar experience. His resignation says a lot about his seriousness and commitment to his players’ and himself’s wellbeing.

The Demons Season and Prospects for the Future

Laird faced a difficult season with a record of 6 0-2 overall and 2 0-2 Southland Conference. The cancellation of the remaining matches, including an important matchup against McNeese State marks a pause on the team’s quest. Kevin Bostian, the athletic director at Northwestern State, is still optimistic about the future, recognizing Laird’s contribution and looking forward the program’s revival.

Nomination of Interim Head Coach

In response to this, the athletic department named Weston Glaser as interim head-coach. Glaser is an assistant head-coach and defensive coordinator. This decision will ensure that he and the team have a constant source of support and leadership during this difficult time. Glaser will be instrumental in helping both parties navigate their grief processes and plan for future seasons.

The conclusion of the article is:

Northwestern State University’s events have shown the impact that an individual can make on a whole community. Ronnie Caldwell’s death has not only caused a reevaluation on the current football season, but it also reminded us of the importance mental health and emotional supports in collegiate sport. While the university is navigating this difficult time, its focus remains on healing and remembering Caldwell’s legacy. It also looks forward to rebuilding an resilient and supportive football team.


  1. Why did Brad Laird leave his position as Northwestern State football coach?
    • Laird’s resignation was due to emotional distress caused by the death of Ronnie Caldwell. He felt unable to commit fully to his role.
  2. Who will succeed Brad Laird at Northwestern State as interim head coach?
    • Weston Glaser, assistant head coach and defensive director, has been named interim head coach.
  3. What was the record of Northwestern State under Brad Laird prior to his resignation?
    • Before Laird resigned, the Demons had a 0-6 record overall and were 0-2 in Southland Conference for the 2023 season.
  4. How long was Brad Laird the head coach of Northwestern State?
    • Brad Laird was the head coach at Northwestern State University for six seasons.
  5. What effect did Ronnie Caldwell’s death have on football team?
    • Caldwell’s passing deeply affected the team. The season was cancelled and Laird resigned due to emotional distress.