One of the most impactful early game choices in Lords of the Fallen is selecting your starting class. This initial decision shapes how you experience the game’s combat, leveling and progression in significant ways. With five distinct class archetypes to choose from, each excelling in unique playstyles, making the right selection for your preferred approach is paramount.

A Comprehensive Guide to Lords of the Fallen Starting Classes

This extensive guide provides an in-depth analysis of every class’ core attributes, stats, strengths, and weaknesses. Through dissecting their starting load-outs, playstyles, and advancement paths, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of which Champion resonates most with your RPG ambitions. Whether conquering the game solo or co-op, seeking mechanically challenging fighters or versatility, there exists an optimal class to start your journey. Read on hero, and let your class selection mark the beginning of your rise from Venturer to legend!

The Warder

The Warder stands at the frontline as Lords of the Fallen’s premier tank. Specializing in heavy armor, shields and warfare, these stalwart Champions bolster allies with threatening presence while enduring anything thrown their way. Naturally high Vitality and Endurance fuel the Warder’s staying power, complimented by a balanced spread of offensive stats. Starting gear includes an esteemed Zweihander greatsword for respectable damage and sweeping crowd control abilities.

The Warder’s superior defense enables first-time players to feel mechanically secure despite mistakes, steadily mastering combat fundamentals. Their ability to divert threats makes Warders invaluable party anchors in co-op mode as well. However, solo players seeking self-sufficiency or magic may find their damage lacking. Warders also struggle to adapt to nimble boss patterns requiring LOTF items. Overall best for cooperative team play or beginners desiring a gentle learning curve.

The Sentinel

As Lords of the Fallen’s shield-wielding defenders, Sentinels focus heavily on blocking, parrying, and ripostes to turn enemy assaults against them. Moderate armor and health synergize naturally with these reflex-oriented talents. Sentinels start with bucklers offering 100% damage reflection on perfect parries for explosive threat inversion. Faith, Dexterity and Willpower stats fuel vitality regeneration and innate durability.

Sentinels reward players eager to master timing-based defenses for aggressive play with minimal resources. Perfecting parries and ripostes grants thrilling DPS potential few can rival. However, their glass cannon-esque health demands precision most are unready for. Low-ranged capability also hampers versatility. For those prepared to hone reactive defense as an art form, Sentinels yield high-risk/reward gameplay. But casual or inexperienced players risk frustration.

The Engineer

Lords of the Fallen’s techno-mages, Engineers blend spellcasting and ranged options with melee offense. They focus on Willpower and Dexterity for hybrid magic/martial flexibility. Two-handing axes and maces alongside soul arrows grants effective tools for any situation. Engineers start with incendiary bombs and Soulflay for crowd control, supplemented by protective wards. Versatile and durable, they represent an accessible balance of offense and defense.

The Engineer appeals broadly due to balanced stats accommodating experimentation. Their hybrid arsenal makes Engineers effective alone or in groups with minimal micromanagement. However, mastering both melee and magic prevents specializing in either. Compared to other classes optimized for single styles, Engineers lack the raw damage potential of hyper-focused specialists. Still, their well-rounded gameplay grants a comfortable learning experience adaptable to any situation.

The Assassin

As elusive shadows deal death from the shadows, Assassins focus on dexterity, speed, and critical damage. They dual-wield thinblades for rapid continuous strikes shredding opponents. High agility lets Assassins evade like the wind while chaining blistering combos. Poisons and throwing knives soften foes from range before finishing in melee. However, low health requires near-perfect avoidance of harm.

For players craving fluid mobility in combat, none can rival Assassins’ dance-like mastery. Their critical offense excels against single targets but struggles against multiple. Positioning and timing must be immaculate to avoid crippling damage. Experienced players thrive in maximizing Assassins’ potential, while newcomers face a steep learning curve. Deadly when wielded expertly, Assassins reward daredevil mastery of complex movement. But unrefined bravado courts death.

The Occultist

Lords of the Fallen’s sorcerers, Occultists wield eldritch might through a focus on Willpower, Faith, and Intelligence. Soulbars reflect infinite magic power for bombarding foes from afar with unsafe melee ability. Starting with flames, soul spears, and homing soul mass spells grants versatile ranged options complemented by weak melee. Low health demands cautious spacing and barrier use.

Occultists give players seeking mystical mastery unmatched ranged potency. Well-placed soul magic decimates crowds and bosses with impunity. However, relying purely on Soulbars risks “mana shielding”; casting without facing threats directly. Weak melee also handicaps solo progression, demanding over-levelled spells. Occultists require extensive stat investment into esoteric talents average players overlook. Experts enjoying complexity reap benefits, but casual players risk frustration.

Class Advancement

Both starting class and character development impact long-term output. Understanding class-specific progression paths allows optimizing your Champion according to goals. For example, Warders excel specializing Strength and Vitality with two-handed weapons benefiting heavily from poise damage and health pools. Engineers evenly develop multiple attributes, Sentinels favor Dexterity and Faith, while Assassins prioritize critical stats.

Occultists funnel points chiefly into Intelligence and Willpower, then Faith for sustain. Special item vendors also offer class-focused gearsets. For instance, armor sets boosting health regen and stamina regen suit Warders and Assassins respectively. Unique titles enchant classes through additional stat boons as well. Overall class identity remains relevant throughout growth, so choose a starting Champion truly embodying your envisioned playstyle to benefit greatly from long-term development synergy. LOTF Items for sale on with a cheap price, fast delivery, and safe transaction!