Ashlyn and Ali Krieger have both had impressive careers in women’s soccer. Both players represented the United States Women’s National Team. In recent years, however, their personal lives have taken the spotlight, overshadowing any achievements on the pitch. This comprehensive look takes a deep dive into their lives, from their career highs to the reasons for their divorce.

Quick Facts

ProfessionSoccer Players
Key AchievementsFIFA Women’s World Cup Champions
Date of MarriageDecember 2019
Divorce FilingSeptember 19, 2023
ChildrenSloane Phillips Krieger-Harris, Ocean Maeve Krieger-Harris

Ashlyn Harris: A Storied Soccer Career

Ashlyn Harris has a strong presence in the American soccer community. She made her senior debut for the USWNT on March 11, 2013 as she represented them. Harris’s senior debut marked the start of a string of milestone achievements, culminating with her participation in both FIFA Women’s World Cups. In the 2015 edition hosted in Canada by FIFA, Harris and her team won the championship as a testament to both their teamwork and skill.

Harris was already a star in college soccer before she became an international sensation. She was a dominant player for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and played a key role in helping the team win three major women’s soccer championships. Her agility, accuracy, and leadership on field set her apart from her peers, and led to her professional success.

Ali K. Krieger: From NJ/NY Gotham FC Glory to USWNT Glory

Ali Krieger is just as impressive as Ashlyn Harris. As a stalwart of the NJ/NY Gotham FC, Krieger has shown her soccer prowess consistently. She was soon selected to play for the USWNT alongside Harris.

It was clear that Krieger and her teamwork were a perfect match. Together they reached the pinnacle in soccer: winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup. While her professional accomplishments are admirable, her personal life and her relationship with Harris has received significant media attention.

Romance & Marriage: Harris & Krieger’s Journey Together

After meeting at a USWNT camp in 2010, Harris’ and Krieger’s relationship grew from friendship to romance. Their shared experiences on and off of the soccer pitch strengthened their relationship. Their love story was one that fans around the world loved, and culminated in their wedding in December 2019.

Together they went on several life-changing journeys. On February 14, 2021 the couple announced their adoption of Sloane Phillips Krieger Harris. In August 2022, their joy was doubled with the adoption by their son Ocean Maeve Krieger Harris.

The Divorce announcement and the Subsequent Rumors

On September 20, 2023, Harris filed for divorce in Seminole County Florida from his wife. This action sent shockwaves through both soccer and its followers worldwide. The split was widely speculated about due to their public status and their close relationship.

The social media platforms TikTok, Reddit and others were ablaze with speculations and rumors about the possible reasons for divorce. Infidelity was among the many allegations made on social media, though no firm evidence could be produced as they relied solely on speculation and hearsay. Court documents however indicate an amicable split with both parents committed to working collaboratively for their child’s wellbeing.

Respect their privacy at such an emotional time, especially considering they both dedicated their lives to soccer – receiving respect on and off of the pitch alike.


  • Ashlyn Harris: Who is she?
  • Ashlyn Harris, a former American professional soccer player and member of the US Women’s National Soccer team.
  • When was Ashlyn Harris’ debut with the USWNT?
  • Her senior debut with the USWNT was on March 11, 2013
  • Has Ashlyn won any World Cups before?
  • Harris did indeed play for the Canadian team that won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.
  • Where was Ashlyn Harris a college soccer player?
  • Harris played college football for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.
  • What is the latest news about Ashlyn?
  • Recent headlines have been made about her divorce from Ali Krieger, a fellow soccer player.