No plant has caused as much controversy in recent times as hemp. Of course, people have known about its healing properties for centuries. But only now has this plant gotten the deserved attention. It’s even a hifi farms logo, making this company recognizable.

Call it cannabis or medical marijuana, but the fact is that this plant is rich in nutrients that give it specific medicinal properties. For example, hemp contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These are beneficial to your heart and have anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects. 

This plant also abounds in protein and fiber. This type of protein helps build healthy bones, muscles, and skin. Hemp also has prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can strengthen the immune system and reinforce body cells to prevent various illnesses. 

Using hemp is good for a variety of reasons. For example, it can lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and pressure. Also, it can help you lose weight by supplying plant-based protein and fiber to your diet. And with so many facts on the good side of this plant, it’s clear that it should be on your menu.

Add Seeds to Your Meals

Hemp seeds are a complete protein, which means they contain all nine essential amino acids. As the human body can’t produce all these acids, it usually relies on proteins from animal products. But hemp seeds can be a decent replacement, whether you’re a vegan or want to change your nutritional routine. Besides protein, they are rich in fiber, zinc, and B vitamins. 

An excellent way to use hemp seeds in your diet is to sprinkle them over your salad, stir fry, or oatmeal. They also work well mixed into yogurt or grains. Due to their high fiber content, they will make you feel full for a long time. 

These seeds add a nutty flavor to smoothies and baked goods. You can also put them on avocado toast or egg sandwiches to add a healthy crunch. You can also add them to soups and broths to increase their creaminess. 

Use CBD Oil

You may not like hemp as a condiment or find it hard to consume. In this case, you can use CBD oil instead. Hemp is the primary source of this cannabinoid, mainly flowers and leaves. The oil also contains good polyunsaturated fats that can fight many health conditions. 

Which CBD oil will work for you depends on your personal preference and possible health concerns. Of course, the recommendations of your health care provider are also important. Different CBD dosages can help you treat a variety of conditions.

Check the following source for more info on CBD and its benefits:

Many products on the market have different concentrations of cannabinoids, and not all of them can be called CBD oil. So, always read the composition and pay attention to the amount of THC in this oil. Follow the label directions for maximum dosage and use only proven products from trustworthy brands.

You can use CBD oil orally, sublingually, or even as a topical. However, it’s not good for freezing and cooking at high temperatures (hemp seed oil is a far better choice). Still, you can always add a few drops to enhance your meals and baked goods. 

Commercial Edibles and Topicals

Suppose you find CBD oil too sour or grassy. In that case, edibles are a tastier way to implement hemp into your nutrition. That would be the best way to take your dose of CBD on the go. You can choose between chocolate bars, candy, gummies, or chews. 

Topicals enriched with CBD are convenient and have fast action. You can apply lotions, creams, and balms to painful and sore spots. Due to its soothing effects, CBD will reduce inflammation and relieve pain quickly, leaving your skin moisturized and nourished.

When selecting the right CBD products, you should look for one that meets your preferences and health needs. These goods contain antioxidants and additional energizers to boost your energy levels. Still, they may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to take effect, so make sure to start slowly.

When you buy hemp goods, you should look for a product with a clear COA, or Certificate of Analysis, which shows what third-party testing has revealed about the product. Besides, the best products contain full-spectrum CBD (no more than 0.3% THC) and carefully selected terpenes.

Make DIY Hemp Extract


Another method of getting the most out of hemp is making DIY extract or oil. It’s a simple process and can be a rewarding endeavor. Also, it doesn’t require specialized equipment or scientific expertise. You can find detailed instructions here.

Start by grinding up the dried hemp flower. If you buy raw buds, you have to decarb, i.e., bake them at low temperatures for about an hour. This process will activate CBD molecules. Then, mix ground buds with coconut, MCT, or hempseed oil at room temperature. If making tinctures, you can use alcohol or glycerin.

Pour the mixture into a mason jar and leave it for a few weeks. That’s the period of extraction. After that, strain the mixture through cheesecloth. It can then be stored in a cool, dry place, and used when needed.

You can consume hemp in different ways. Although edible, it’s not meant to be a dish or salad but rather a spice or a healthy add-on to your meals. So you’ll probably get the most of this plant when used as a supplement.