The concept of Vastu is not a superstition. On the contrary, many people in today’s world strongly believe in Vastu Shastra. It is rooted in the conception of scientifically relating the five elements, which are water, sky, fire, earth, and air, for building a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • Water denotes healing and spirituality
  • fire denotes fame and power
  • sky denotes enhancements and expansions
  • earth denotes stability and harmony
  • Air denotes joy and happiness

A love relationship is based on trust and understanding between two individuals. However, Vastu can aid in creating a difference. A happy marital relationship makes a foundation for a successful life. Vastu can play a crucial role in raising positivity and harmony in a marital relationship, says Online Vastu consultant online. Let us discuss the best Vastu tips to improve your married life.

Vastu Tips for a Happy Married Life

1.      Colour

To have a great married life ahead, clearness of opinions among spouses is important. Having purple or blue shade in the north-east direction of the house, as well as maximum free spaces that are full of light, can let you get the harmony of opinions and feelings.

2.      Bedroom

The position of the bed must be in the southern or south-western direction. To prevent the risks of failures in married life, you must not locate the bed between these two directions.

3.      Kitchen

As per a Vastu consultant online, the position of the kitchen in the house should be in the Southeastern direction. This direction, too, indicates the seat of the female partner and encourages her physical and mental strength. Having orange colour in the kitchen also augments the power of this center and encourages a happy life.

4.      Furniture

According to Vastu Shashtra, wood is considered auspicious. So, you must ensure that items like the study table, dressing table, almirah, etc., in your bedroom, are made of wood. Vastu does not recommend metal beds. You must also ensure that the shape of the bed is either rectangular or square, and a single mattress must be used.

5.      Mirrors

In Vastu, there is a vital role of mirrors. They are viewed as one of the best remedy tools to utilize. You can utilize them in several ways. The ideal position of a mirror in a bedroom is considered important for a happy married life. According to a Vastu expert, locating the mirror or dressing table on the south-western side of the bedroom can result in recurrent disputes and over expectations in relations.

6.      Paintings and posters

There is a vital role of paintings and posters in increasing the charm of a bedroom. However, as per Vastu, paintings can negatively and positively affect married life. This can be based on the type and placement of the painting.

Before deciding on any painting for home, you must keep in mind these things: type of painting and location/direction of the painting.

What Type Of Paintings do You Need To Ignore?

1.      Violent or depressing paintings

2.      Paintings or posters showing war

3.      Paintings showing anger, loneliness, or any kind of negative feeling

4.      Abstract images

Types of Paintings and Their Ideal Location as Per Vastu

1.      Images of mountains: Southern or south-western direction

2.      Husband-wife picture: South-western direction

3.      Painting showing water: Northern direction

4.      Happy family photo: South-western direction

5.      Photo showing greenery: Northern direction

What Are The Golden Principles Of Vastu?

1.      The bedroom of the head of the family must be located in the south-western direction of the house. This can be very much favorable for the residents.

2.      The house shouldn’t be beside a hospital, graveyard or temple, as these places emit negativity.

3.      The house’s entry gate must be in the eastern, northern, or western direction to have auspicious effects on the occupants.

4.      The Mandir in the house must be in the north-eastern direction. This is because one must face east to make prayers effective and have the blessings of God.

Other Vastu Tips For Improving Husband-wife Relations

1.      The south-western direction is the zone of relations. Therefore, building a toilet in this region will bring problems in your marital life. It can, at times, even result in extramarital affairs. Thus, it is better not to build a toilet in the south-western direction.

2.      The kitchen of the house denotes a fire element. Therefore, it mustn’t be sited in the north-eastern direction of the water element. This can result in ruining family harmony.

3.      There can be recurrent clashes in the family if a plot is positioned in a southeastern direction. This Vastu defect shouldn’t be ignored and must be removed as quickly as possible.


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