As we know, badminton is a user-friendly game that can be played with some practice and basic instructions. If we talk about badminton doubles, it is a bit difficult, and a fast-paced game needs complete focus to perform the heavy strokes and serving. For this purpose, you must go through special training to learn badminton doubles in order to play efficiently with the mating partner. Here, you must have a quality kit of the best doubles badminton racket, and some shuttle cocks.

Further, badminton doubles include many things which differ from the singles, such as two players playing it on each team, different rules and policies to play it, a spacious court than the singles, and some other necessary differences. So, if you want to play like a professional, change your current playing style with some winning strategies that can allow you to win over opponents.

For this purpose, let’s discuss some tips and tricks that can make you a winner of badminton doubles like a pro. So, let’s ‌look below:

Focus on the serving

While playing badminton doubles, your serving should be strong as it affects the opponents directly. Here, you cannot serve high and give away the attack as it provides opponents to smash the shot easily with a partner. You need to understand the serving well so that you can play smoothly without a foul. So, focus on the first three service shots to enhance the understanding of badminton doubles:

  1. Serving
  2. Serve return
  3. First shot after returning the serve

The above are the main services of the badminton doubles to hold the game positively. If you train yourself in the service and return services efficiently, you can take the advantage of this trick and win the doubles effortlessly. The next is the third shot from which the inning begins. Most of the players lift the third shot and give away the initiative. Here, you can learn the third shot carefully to start the well-organized further inning with your mate player.

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Find out the weakness of the opponents

Every player has its own strong points and of course, weaknesses. Here, you need to find out them in order to attack the opponents. It is the best trick to win the inning, and it is possible only when you stay attentive and active during the match. You need to get into the match with the mindset of observing the opponents so that you can get to know about their playing ways. It sounds easy, but it is a difficult task as no one shows his weak points easily. For this purpose, you need sharp eyes and a brain to catch them efficiently.

After finding the weakness, you can confidently smash the opponents and act like a pro in the whole match.

Cooperate with your partner

If you want to win a match, cooperation with the partner is the key point here. Suppose you do not have proper coordination with your partner, and your partner may serve or shot differently. This way, you can lose an inning. So, try to clear all the misunderstandings first and map out all the plans and tricks that are being used in the match before starting a round so that you can play like a team and perform well as discussed.

Try not to give away frustration

Yes, frustration is normal in the games. But, you need to avoid it so that you can honestly play the whole game. As we know, anger and frustration can spoil your game and hard work, so try to keep them away from you if you want a good round of badminton doubles. Play calmly as per the decided tips and tricks.

Force the opponents to play backhand

It is another tip to play like a pro is to make your opponents play their backhand shots. It is the best way to use it while playing badminton doubles. This way, you can attack the opponents and play a good round. You can master yourself this trick by playing the badminton game regularly and learning new tricks and strategies daily.

Try to get the opponents out of the position.

The badminton players have their own position on the court to play their turns. You can try to play a shot to get the opponent out of the position to make them weak. Here, you must attempt the stroke down to the tramline to make the opponent leave their position. This way, the opponent may get out of their place, and it makes them weak. You can take the advantage of this and shout to win the round.


The entire above are the proven tricks and strategies to play like a professional on the badminton court. Even though these tricks seem easy, they still need practice to apply on the ground to play face-to-face matches.