Customers have most likely formed an impression of your company based on your exterior signs. Once inside, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that they made the right decision. Remarkable office lobby signs play a key role in achieving this goal.

Let’s look at the different kinds of lobby signs that can make your business look more professional.

Types of lobby signs

Numerous business owners could sometimes feel intimidated by the cost of lobby signs. Fortunately, we have numerous options available to match your company’s budget. Let’s see how they’re different from each other:

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs: ideal for the professional service industries.

Engraved Lobby Signs: convey a professional image (great for medical, financial, or law services)

3D Lobby Signs: ideal for making a bold statement.

Illuminated & Backlit Lobby Signs: a superb statement sign that everyone can see 24/7.

Office wall graphics: a unique and enjoyable way to display your company’s logo.

Three-dimensional Lobby Signs: attractive signs that rise from the wall.

Acrylic Lobby Signs: customizable in terms of color transparency and texture – making your sign look fancy and sleek.


Gives first solid impression.

When visitors enter your lobby, you want to leave a positive first impression. Custom office signs instantly let the client know your company’s name and colors. This demonstrates to your customers that you provide a professional picture. Your customers will appreciate the time and work you put into constructing an inviting reception area.

Bring safety and comfort.

Making sure people are comfortable entering your building is a way to your client’s heart. Usually, a lobby serves as a waiting area. The cozy feeling of a room like this creates a good mood and calmness among visitors. 

Install acrylic lobby signs to assist consumers with directions like room numbers, room designations, and even restrooms. It’s expected for first-time visitors to be unfamiliar with your place. Having these demonstrate to your customers that you are concerned about their well-being.

Integrated brand image & message.

Show your business’s creative branding and messaging with custom lobby signs. A reception area with bold branding portrays a put-together company. Another benefit of having strong branding is brand recognition. Customers can easily find your company if your business has more than one location. They can instantly recognize your company with your lobby sign.


Signs are necessary for any business since they are great investments and highly effective forms of advertising. While your signage may have some upfront costs, once it is completed, it will continue to advertise for your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Show off your company’s culture and principles.

Custom lobby signs can help clients learn more about your company. This can be accomplished by displaying your history, culture, and ideals. Try to incorporate more abstract designs that act as a discussion piece. Customers will remember you more if they understand your business. 

Generate sales.

Take advantage of making your lobby cozy and visually pleasing because this might be the one that can get you that deal. Most of these are caused by office lobby signs. When clients notice how invested your company is in the aesthetics of your establishment, this gives them the hint that you are all-in when it comes to business deals.

Which lobby sign is suitable for your company?

Allow your signs to speak for you and help you make a memorable impression. The Sign Doctor provides many sign alternatives to help you stand out. Adding a custom lobby sign to your creative agency or professional services organization will improve your company’s image. 

Speak with our design team today to begin designing your office lobby signs. The Sign Doctor is a one-stop shop for lobby signs, from design to installation. To get started, contact us today.