If you have researched the eyelash extension market, you have probably heard of the name LLBA Professional – a very trusted eyelash extension brand in recent years. In case you want to learn more about this brand and its high-quality eyelash extension products, this article will be the key to helping you.

1. Want to know more about LLBA Professional?

One of the greatest manual eyelash extension providers in the US and Canada, LLBA was founded in 2016 by an eyelash extension technician. Since then, it has quickly expanded from a one-person shop. By LLBA, all phases of product sourcing, manufacture, wholesale, and retail are focused on and dedicated. By 2020, the LLBA team will have more than 200 members who will play various parts in the supply chain to get the best goods and services to every lash salon and artist globally. Over the years, LLBA has collaborated with top eyelash and liquid businesses, distributors, and industry experts to develop and diversify various goods to grow its business internationally. Just two of the many elements that make LLBA the top choice for innumerable clients are its high-quality products and stellar customer service. In addition, LLBA has emerged as one of the most well-known brands in the eyelash extension industry as a result of its quick shipping times and competitive product pricing.

2. LLBA Eyelash extensions: before and after

If you are starting your lash business, here are some great eyelash extensions that you should refer to, don’t forget to use the high-quality products provided by LLBA Professional to get the best results for your client’s eyes.

– Classic eyelash extension style

The simplest kind of eyelash extension style is the Classic kind, which, in our opinion, was created to accentuate one’s natural beauty. By using the one-by-one lashing technique, the classic style thickens and enhances the client’s natural lashes’ natural curl. This kind of eyelash extension frequently uses C or CC curls as its primary curl. The traditional eyelash length ranges from 8 to 12 millimetres. Due to their simplicity and naturalness, the traditional eyelash extension style is trendy and well-liked by most clients. 

If you need a high-quality product, don’t miss the Velvet Super Mink lashes from LLBA Professional. After being applied eyelash extension with this product, your clients will own a darker, more shiny eyelash with a gentle but equally attractive curvature.

– Volume eyelash extension style

The process of adding many eyelashes to a single natural strand is known as volume lash extensions. These lashes are adhered to one another to form a fan. When compared to volume lashes, which add more lashes to each lash fan, classic eyelash extension primarily works to lengthen and curve the natural lashes. After utilizing fans, this kind of eyelash extension creates a striking appearance. Additionally, you can select the number of lashes in a fan based on your client’s preferences, ranging from 3 to 5 eyelashes for a natural look, which corresponds to lash fans with specific designations like 3D and 5D. In this case, you can refer to the product LLBA Professional 3D Volume fans. A pair of volume lashes can also last up to 4 weeks or longer, depending on how well your client takes care of them.

– Hydric eyelash extension style

If hybrid eyelashes involve several extensions, how are they different from volume lashes? This approach combines classics and volume. The lash artist will make fans out of thinner extensions and attach them to the natural lashes. Individual, thicker lash extensions are dispersed among the fans, which is noticeable. This method gives lashes a gorgeously textured appearance that is more akin to genuine lashes. And the before and after photos of these hybrid eyelashes below demonstrate this. Hybrid eyelashes look fantastic on practically everyone, and you may modify the appearance by adding more individual eyelashes or more volume lashes that are fanned out. You can combine LLBA volume fans and mink lashes to create masterpieces in your client’s eyes.

– Mega volume eyelash extension style

The quantity of eyelash fans employed in the set makes the difference between volume and mega volume. Mega volume applies lashes fans from 10D to 16D, occasionally up to 20D, whereas volume type normally utilizes fans from 2D to 7D. And among the various lash extension styles, mega volume, which demands clients to have robust natural eyelashes, is thought to be the most impressive eyelash extension due to its enormous following. Performing this type of eyelash extension takes between 120 and 180 minutes. Clients who prefer a striking appearance should get this kind of eyelash extension. Let’s try some LLBA 10D volume fans!

We hope all the information about eyelash extensions above will be helpful for your work.