Who doesn’t love a good picnic with friends and family? Enjoying an Al Fresco dinner with your loved ones is truly a memory. A picnic is something everyone enjoys. As parents, you can chill out while the kids run around the park, and you also get to enjoy adventurous games with kids, making a fun day productive as you get tons of exercise. A picnic is also an ideal third or fourth date idea, where you go prepared with the best food and wine. It doesn’t require much preparation, just the perfect partner, place, and good food.

However, when you are going on a picnic with your friends, you need to prepare yourself, and leaving home without the must-haves can hinder your moments of fun. Therefore, we are listing the must-haves for all family picnics.

A foldable picnic blanket

Do you have a blanket stored away just for picnics? Then, throw it away! Because you need a better blanket. You require a foldable picnic blanket which is waterproof too. It will ensure that even if the ground is wet, your bottoms will not be soaked wet due to the blanket. Lastly, it is better if it’s foldable, making it easier to carry in the car.

Sandwiches- a must-have!

Sure, you will pack other food too, but sandwiches are a picnic staple. It’s easier to carry, and when anyone feels snacky or hungry, they can grab a sandwich. The thing to remember here is to pack simple sandwiches that cater to everyone’s choice. For instance, if you love a cheese grill sandwich, carry that. But if your kid prefers a PB&J sandwich, make them one. Keep them safe and fresh by wrapping them with twine. The picnic will be so much fun when everyone eats their favorite sandwich.

Some home-wear items

You want the picnic to be a comfortable affair for your family. Right? So, carry items like pillows or cushions exclusively designed for the outdoors. If you are going for a picnic at the beach, get homewares like throw towels to make the picnic at the beach comfortable. Also, carry spare clothes, slippers, and other homewares, especially if you are going with kids.

Fun games

Family picnics can help you unwind and bond with each other. The best way to do this is by playing fun games. Most picnic goers tend to pack so many snacks and food items. However, they forget to plan any fun games! Carrying just cards isn’t enough! You need to plan games that will engage everyone, like a lemon race or a game of ball. 


Enjoying the warm weather doesn’t mean you give yourself sunburn! Thus, carry a good sunscreen or spray with yourself. If the family picnic has kids, get a specific spray for the kids too. Even if you throw the picnic blanket under a shade or tree, sunburn can still happen. Therefore, leave the house after applying sunscreen and carry it for reapplying.

Baby wipes

For everyone with or without kids, carrying a pack or two of baby wipes is necessary. After your snacks, cleaning the hands with baby wipes is better as it clears the dirt and germs better than a hand sanitizer. Also, you can wipe down any benches or so in the park. Go with a baby wipe that is free of toxins and allergens.

Picnic cutlery

Invest in some bamboo or wooden reusable picnic cutlery. It is better to carry specific cutlery for a picnic as it reduces the risk of leaving your favorite sets of knives at the picnic site. Just ensure you buy a usable set.

Trash bags

Be responsible and carry trash bags. Do not litter on the spot. Instead, store all the trash in a bag and dispose of it correctly. Show your kids how to be responsible with trash this way.

To conclude, having these things will make the picnic more fun. Just one thing except for phones for calling, leave all electronic items at home. Enjoy the moment, nature, and the company, and be child-like because picnics are all about fun, laughter, and memories.