Masturbation is a sexual activity that involves touching yourself for sexual stimulation. Masturbation can be a healthy way of sexual expression, and it is perfectly normal to feel the urge to masturbate.

Masturbation only becomes a problem when it becomes an addiction you can’t eliminate. Like many sexual acts, masturbation has a fair deal of bad PR even though most people masturbate. Regardless of age or sexual orientation, masturbation can be a healthy means to sexual satisfaction.

Masturbating while someone is watching or watching while someone is masturbating gets some people off.

However, while masturbation is a private activity that often involves you touching yourself with your hands or sex toys, there are many creative ways to bring other people into your masturbation.

This is a particularly useful conversation for people who are into voyeurism/exhibitionism. 

Masturbating With A Cam Girl

Masturbating with a cam girl is one way many people explore their sexuality. Live cam girls are online sex workers who put up sexual performances for a fee. 

You can ask a cam girl to masturbate with you live. Many of our internalized ideas about masturbation and sexual pleasure can follow us into adulthood, and getting rid of them requires that you get bolder and more creative. 

Here are a few new ideas to help you get the most out of your next live experience with a cam girl.

Switch Up Your Positions 

Many people lie on their backs as they masturbate. While this is a comfortable position, it can also get redundant. You can switch things up such that you’re lying on your front, and your cam girl can only have a view of your ass. 

Switching things up this way can even aid your erection. And if you like to stand, try sitting down while you pleasure yourself and vice versa. 

Use Both Hands 

You will likely use your right hand to masturbate if you’re naturally right-handed. But you can try changing hands intermittently or using both hands simultaneously, trying different hand maneuvers. 

Find Your “Pleasure” Points 

Before gripping and stroking, you should explore the parts of your penis more, as this will allow you to find pleasure points on your penis. Try stimulating the tip of your penis and perineum to find all the hidden pleasure points. 

Introduce Sex Toys 

Sex toys are not exclusive to people with vulvas alone. You can introduce sex toys into your masturbation with a cam girl. You can even add a twist with app-controlled sex toys that you can give control of to your cam girl. So you masturbate while she fiddles with the toys on your behalf. 

Try Anal Play 

Anal sex is not something for gay men alone. Anyone can enjoy anal play. You can stimulate the nerve endings in your butt with your hands or use a stimulating toy. 

Use a Cock Ring 

Cock rings are circular bands that you can easily snap on. They are usually worn at the base of the penis to make an erection bigger and harder. Cock rings can intensify orgasms, but most people believe they should only be worn during partnered sex. But why deny yourself the pleasure of a better release?

Modulate Those Strokes 

Monotonous hand strokes can quickly make the Masturbation boring for you and your cam girl. You should try to move at different paces, and you might even create a rhythm to follow while you tighten and release your grip to tune. 

Take Your Time 

Many of us spend many of our teenage years ashamed of our sexual urges. As a result, masturbation was often a rushed affair. Rushing your masturbation with your cam girl takes all the fun out of it. Take your time and allow her to tease you into orgasm. 

Be Ballsy 

Your balls are not just there to give you an ego boost. Play with your balls, and stimulate those points of pleasure in your testicles. However, 

understand that this might not bode well for some people as the balls are pretty sensitive, but it’s worth the try.

Mutual Masturbation

You can masturbate to your cam girl masturbating too. Mutual masturbation can be done in different ways, but in this context, it would involve your EhoCams girl masturbating live while you watch and are doing the same.

Don’t Make Orgasm The Endgame 

While orgasm is something to aspire to while masturbating, don’t make the race to orgasm take all the fun out of your masturb