Nowadays, customers have lots of alternatives for mobile apps. Roughly, 4 million applications are accessible in the Apple App and Google Play Stores. As the number of mobile apps present in the market grows, it is more vital than ever for app owners to increase their mobile app downloads. You can also get help from your Hired App Developer in Dubai in this regard. 

An increased number of app downloads is a method of app success and an achievement by itself. Regularly, around 2,000 applications are submitted to the App stores, and all want to become a big success. But, unfortunately, over 70 percent of the total mobile apps do not get more than 5,000 installations. This is why you need to boost your app installs.

Your app will get flopped if you don’t have the right plan to increase installs or downloads. You will remain hidden in the app store for the rest of your life. Therefore, you should try your best to increase your app downloads. In this article, you will learn some best practices to boost mobile app downloads. So, continue reading it!

The 6 Best Practices to Increase Mobile App Downloads:

Now, let us discuss these best practices in detail so that you can properly follow them and increase your app downloads. 

1. Focus On App Creatives

Typically, the visitors decide whether they are going to install your app in 3-5 seconds or not. It doesn’t take much time to capture them. Thus, you need to create the effect as soon as possible.

Creative types are your best bet for doing so. Strong creatives frequently provide the best value for the money as they capture consumers’ interest in the first 3-5 seconds before they quit your app.

2. Create A Well-Designed App Icon

Visualizations influence customer behavior. It implies your app icon should be eye captivating. When customers visit an App store, the app icon is the first thing they notice. So, make sure it is aesthetically attractive. 

The app logo you design should be easily recognized and appealing to the users’ eyes. It should clearly reflect your business and the purpose of your app. 

3. Launch A Website And Blog

Making a decent app isn’t enough for successful app downloads. You also ensure that it is simple to locate. You can broaden the reach of your mobile application. 

Target new individuals by approaching them through a website and blog links related to your mobile app. According to expert marketers, it is a profitable practice to create an SEO-friendly website or blog that provides information about your app to new visitors.

4. Measure With Attribution Tools And Analytics

You can achieve the most of your advertising strategies by monitoring and tracking your app downloads. This way, you can know in which productive sectors you need to reinvest. Make modifications to your mobile app where necessary. 

For this purpose, you can use a mobile identification tool. It allows you to link your app’s installation to ad type, target demographic, or platform, permitting you to enhance your app downloads.

5. Promote Your App On social media

With over 3.5 billion active social media users globally, it is critical to market your mobile app on at least one of the most popular social sites. Almost 70% of app developers prefer using social media platforms to promote their applications to get more downloads. 

So, where do you begin though? The first step is to determine who your target audience is. Then, according to their interest, introduce your mobile app on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

6. Get More Reviews And Testimonials

Once potential users discover your mobile app, they require some persuasion to trust you as they are confused about whether your application is worthwhile enough to install or not. It is when reviews come in handy. 

More positive users’ comments can help your app get attention and enhance its ranks in the app stores. When the users complete an activity or buy the item through your app, motivate them to leave a review by sending them in-app texts or follow-up emails.

Wrapping Up!

When you develop a mobile application, you ultimately want to generate revenue, and revenue comes from downloads. To increase your app downloads, you can start implementing the best practices mentioned above. Even so, you should contact a professional mobile app developer ( to create a stunning mobile app with an increased download rate.