Gone were the days when a face full of caked makeup was in trend. Now, no-makeup makeup look has taken the center stage. It is all about looking minimally chic.

And one would think the no-makeup makeup look is easier to do, since it is supposed to look minimal, and then one would be wrong. Don’t be fooled into thinking that its simple, as it is anything but. Concealing the fact that you are wearing makeup is naturally more challenging.

However, the minimal makeup look also involves an important component that you might miss, which is skincare. There is now, a greater focus on improving skincare routine, as naturally, makeup can only do so much.

So, it is important that you consult your Dermatologist in Islamabad for to address your skin issues. And no, the skin problems are not just limited to acne or breakouts.

You might not recognize what issues are pressing your skin, and thus might require the intervention of an expert. But that is not to say that makeup does not play a role, it certainly does!

Makeup tips for natural look

Finding the right foundation color

It can be very hard to find the exact matching shade for your skin. Only some brands offer a wide range, or customized shades. So, if your unable to find your shade, rather than looking off by wearing an inappropriate shade, make your own color. Get a shade darker and a shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, mix in the ratio that makes it closest to your skin tone. This will then help in making your foundation look more natural.

Ditch the dark lipstick

You need to keep the lip color natural, so you need to invest less in dark and matte colors and go instead with glosses and tints. If you have nude shades in matte, you can apply some, use a brush to diffuse the color and top off with some gloss.

Keep the contouring light

Contouring with a heavy hand will look too much if you are trying to channel a natural look. Use a light bronzer under the cheeks, and some along the jawline. Invest also in a natural looking highlighter which gives the impression that your skin is radiant itself, without external help.

Subtle eye look

To make your eyes look natural, don’t overdo with the eye makeup. There is no need for a dramatic eyeliner; either go without it or put on some on the lash line so it looks very subtle. The idea is just to highlight the shape of the eye.

Similarly, too much mascara will also not look natural. So, put just a very thin layer. Wipe off the excess reside so it looks natural.

The texture of your foundation matters

Unless it’s a wedding or a red carpet that you are going to, you don’t need full coverage, thick, matte foundation. For an everyday and semi-formal look, that can be too much. Moreover, such thick formulas are also very apparent.

So, instead of simply slathering on the foundation, mix it with some moisturizer. It will cut down the coverage, whilst giving a dewy effect. You can also put in some highlighter for a subtle glow. Or else, use a tinted moisturizer for everyday look.

Pipe down on the concealer

Just because a product exists does not mean that you have to use it. One such extremely misused product is concealer. Most people don’t need the amounts that they slather on their face. Since concealer has the tendency to crack or give ashy appearance, it can then become too obvious.

So, try to cut back on its excess use. Also, when applying, try not to focus too much on the things that you’d like to conceal, but look at your face holistically, and then target the obvious issues.

You can also consult Dermatologists for treatment for dark circles, so you don’t have to overdo with the concealer.