While they are an excellent source of heat from the sun, windows are also a possible source of waste, leaking your heated or cold air and raising your energy expenses. This is why it’s essential to keep an eye on them. As much as 20% of your home’s energy loss might be attributed to faulty windows. Utilizing your windows’ power without wasting any of it is possible if you follow a few simple guidelines.

It is possible to learn a lot from passive solar houses built to function harmoniously with nature by strategically using glass and shadow to capture thermal energy. However, even if you don’t have a solar-powered home, you can still learn how to utilize the sun as a personal heater by using shades or blinds to switch it on and off. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency is simple when you keep these tips in mind all year.

All windows in your house should have cellular blinds installed if you want to get the most insulation. Installing them on the south and west-facing windows will still have a major influence if that isn’t practicable. Absolutely! 

Keep warm air from escaping through your windows using the same insulation principles to keep cold air in during the summer.

During the warmest part of the day, we suggest shutting the blinds to prevent solar gain when the weather heats up. When it’s colder, you may reopen the windows in the night and mornings. Even while open windows let in plenty of light, closing them while leaving the blinds high traps heat inside, effectively converting your house into a greenhouse. Consider light filtering silhouette shades if you still want to allow some natural light in or if you have indoor plants that need sunlight. Silhouette shades,  that filter out all light and solar heat are a great option if you don’t care about natural light.

Open the blinds and windows at night as the temperature drops to allow fresh air in. Even if you don’t have air conditioning, silhouette shades may help make your house significantly cooler. When it’s hot outdoors, we suggest shutting your windows and lowering your cell shades to keep your home cool.

In recent years, silhouette window blinds have swiftly become the most popular style of shade available. To brighten the inside of a house, these window coverings harness the power of natural light.

With Silhouette shades, you can regulate how much light enters your house. While there are only two ways to use curtains – open or closed – shades provide a plethora of configurations. It allows you to customize the lighting and create a more private space in your home or office. You have a choice of sheerness or opacity regarding your hues. Additionally, Silhouette shades may filter out up to 88% of the sun’s damaging rays, protecting the inside of your house from heat, glare, and UV rays. Using shades may help reduce direct sunlight’s damage to things like textiles, carpets, and even wallpaper, as well as assist keep them from fading too quickly.

Safeguarding the children

The Silhouette shades have no strings or choking risks thanks to the battery-operated PowerView system, UltraGlide retractable cables, and cordless literise. That’s secure now!

Choosing a Fabric

Silhouette window shades have you covered when it comes to options. In addition to the Alustra collection and light-dimming materials, they are available in a variety of lovely linen and woven textiles. Hundreds of colour and fabric options are available to match the rest of your room’s decor.

Protection from the Sun’s Ultraviolet Ray

Every window covering in Calgary has ultraviolet UV protection built-in, protecting you from the damaging rays that fade floors, furniture, and artwork. In the open position, the sheer textiles block out up to 88% of UV rays, while in the closed position, the sheer fabrics block out up to 99 percent.

Control of the Light

Light may be transformed by decreasing dark shadows and dispersing them across the space thanks to two layers of thin fabric. Aim for maximum daylighting with built-in vanes that tilt and direct light where you need it to shine the brightest.


With just a few tweaks to your silhouette window treatments, you have the power to transform the mood of your room. Fabric vanes and sheer facings transform strong sunlight into a soft and warm glow, with no cords or tapes to distract from the elegant appearance of the room.

This summer, consider using drapes, shades and blinds to keep your home cooler. Beautiful window coverings will not only keep your environment warm and welcoming, but they will also help you look your best all year round.