In December 2022, GLAMOUR Beauty Editor Elle Turner outlined what she expected to be big beauty trends in 2023. One of those trends she mentioned was the ‘barefaced, but better’ look, which lends itself well to people’s modern busy lifestyles.

Turner has advised about how to achieve this particular look: “Take the pressure off creating picture perfect skin, and focus on feeding your skin with products it enjoys.” Here is further guidance that could serve you well in your pursuit of fresh-faced beauty…

Enhance your eyebrows  

You can do that by applying a tinted brow gel or using a brow powder to lightly fill in your eyebrows. College Fashionista explains that “eyeshadow works great if you don’t have a dedicated brow powder product.” 

It’s hard to overstate the positive difference you can make to your face just by perfecting your eyebrows, given their role in framing the face. 

However, you should endeavor to enhance the existing look of your eyebrows rather than give the impression that they have been transferred from a completely different person.

Try not to use makeup too liberally 

That’s because the trick is to look as though you are not really wearing makeup, and so allow certain aesthetic imperfections to remain at least partially visible. Good examples of such imperfections which can actually be endearing to see include freckles and beauty spots.

Certain makeup products are more suitable than others for this subtle approach. Consider picking up ICONIC London’s ultra-lightweight Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint, which blends seamlessly into the skin.

Use highlighter to give your face a glow rather than a shine  

The idea is to simply look luminous, rather than like you have accidentally fallen into a massive vat of highlighter.

Through reserving highlighter for strictly your face’s high points, such as your brow bone, cheekbones, and Cupid’s bow, you can draw attention to these features. 

Bazaar’s Digital Beauty Director Bridget March has revealed in an article for Cosmopolitan: “I like to use highlighter for a subtle strobing effect that catches the light and looks more modern than full-on contouring.”

Give your lips some bold color 

You will need to suitably prepare those lips before applying a lip product to them. While a lip balm would suffice, a lip scrub would be ideal.

Once you have taken up either of these options, you can proceed to make the color of your lips bolder — such as by selecting from a range of vibrant reds and oranges. 

Mask imperfect eyelashes by adding mascara

The objective here is to make those eyelashes stand out for the right reasons. You can make a delightful amount of progress by adding just a few coats of mascara.

What if you will be using an eyeliner? In this instance, you can give the lash line some subtle definition by forming a super-thin light brown line across it.

The eyes have it, as the saying goes — and you can make it especially relevant in your case, provided that you are sufficiently strategic with your mascara usage.