Netflix remains the top choice for streaming movies and TV shows despite the launch of several other contenders in the market. Although I am a subscriber of Charter Spectrum cable, I still have Netflix’s subscription. I know a lot of people who have done the same! 

Netflix is a powerhouse of content. Its original series, documentaries, and films are far more competitive than what’s available on other streaming platforms. Its huge library of content and easy accessibility is not the only reason why people love Netflix. Here are some compelling reasons which make it a better platforms than others out there:

1: It’s Fast

Netflix is one of those streaming platforms that doesn’t compromise on speed. Unlike providers like Hulu that tend to hang up and you wait to wait for the buffer to complete, Netflix is fast. Whenever you want, just hop on to Netflix and start watching your favorite shows just like that! 

2: Multiple Logins 

Multiple users can log into a single account at the same time. So, if your sister is watching Ozark season 3 and you want to watch a movie, then log into the same account from another device and start streaming.

But there is a catch. The number of accounts that can stream at the same time is factored into the price of the subscription. So if you have a basic plan, only one device can stream at a time. But if you the standard plan, two devices and allowed whereas a premium subscription lets you log into 4 devices at a time. Plus, you can create different profiles for different users and so, they can start streaming based on their interest. 

3: There are NO Commercials!

Netflix can spoil you. It has no commercials. You can pretty much binge-watch all day long. 

4: Family-Friendly and Educational Programming 

Netflix is kid’s friendly as well. The giant has added content from networks like Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Disney Jr. there is even a dedicated section for kids aged between 2 to 12 years old. The provider has selected a children’s program with the help of common sense media. Reviews and ratings are available so that parents can pick a show that’s appropriate for their kids. 

Some shows include Curious George, Angelina Ballerina, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and My Little Pony. Each of these shows teaches loyalty, kindness, generosity, and many other qualities.

5: Amazing Features

This streaming platform supports some remarkable features outside streaming. For instance, you can create different profiles for different users and create a list of personalized recommendations. 

You can even watch certain content in 4K Ultra HD if you have a 4K TV. For that, you will need 25 MBPS of speed. It supports generic HDR and Dolby vision. If your device supports the latter, the streaming platform will play content in this format by default. 

6: No Contracts 

There are no annual contracts. Netflix is a month-to-month subscription service, which you can cancel anytime. If you have a basic subscription, your monthly entertainment bill will be a few dollars only. Imagine how much you could save if you decide to cut the cords! 

7: Free Trial

If you are the type of person who would like to try and test various streaming platforms before buying the actual subscription, Netflix has you covered. It offers a one-month free trial to new customers. You will have a whole month to decide if it’s something you would like to use and pay for.

8: Download Content Whenever you Feel Like

Who wouldn’t like the option of downloading their favorite shows and movies legally and watch them whenever they like! I know I would.

Netflix allows its subscribers to download the content to watch it later. Let’s say you are flying to a different state or a country and it’s a long flight. These downloaded titles will keep you entertained. And if there is no internet available, no worries! Enjoy watching the movie or show you downloaded without an internet connection.

Summing Up

These perks make Netflix a reliable streaming platform. Of course, you subscribe to other streaming services too but I would say Netflix is worth keeping! And if you are not a subscriber, try its free trial to experience its benefits.