Fixtures and Finishes 

Every year, you’ll know that trends and fashions change when it comes to home design. While the kitchen is less susceptible to these trends and tends to prioritize timeless features, this doesn’t mean that small trends can’t arise from time to time. These trends can make your kitchen stand out and attract compliments from all those who visit. Let’s look at some popular ideas in 2022! 

Firstly, homeowners are slowly realizing that they don’t need to stick with the same-old fixtures and finishes. Instead, this is actually a great way to add character to the room. For example, you might think that kitchen taps are fixed in style. Yet, you’ll actually find all sorts of designs and colours these days. While some are rose gold and have one lever, others are matte black with two levers. Also, you can prefer schuller kitchens that make your kitchen modern. 

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Additionally, you can play around with countertops, lighting, splashbacks, flooring, and other surfaces. If you take anything from this guide, let it be that you have more freedom than ever before with fixtures and finishes. Therefore, one of the biggest design trends in 2022 is going against the grain and opting to move away from traditional fixtures. 

Tying the Design into the Rest of the Home 

Next, it’s time to take your kitchen out of isolation. Why do we treat the kitchen as if it’s in some faraway land rather than a part of the home itself? When working with a kitchen renovation company in Perth WA, aim to add the kitchen into a cohesive home design – you can achieve this by using similar palettes, styles, and an open-plan design. If you have the space, allow the kitchen to bleed into other areas of the home. 

Suddenly, the kitchen doesn’t stand out but instead extends the experience in your home. Experts this year will advise you to open the space up to include dining rooms and other rooms, use complementary colours to other rooms, and more. 

Try Wallpaper 

Don’t worry, you haven’t managed to find a time portal back to a magazine article from the 1980s. Instead, wallpaper is making a comeback in the kitchen. Although it might not seem practical, new non-woven paper solutions are allowing wallpaper to make a comeback without all the peeling and humidity problems of old. After using neutral worktops and cupboards, wallpaper is an excellent way to add some colour and character. 


As time goes on, our lives seem to get more hectic – with this in mind, more homeowners want a clear home to aid relaxation. When redesigning your kitchen in 2022, consider a minimalist approach where you remove all clutter and only include the necessary features. Adopting a minimalist approach is often the best way to keep the kitchen clean and feel relaxed after a long day of work rather than allowing a cluttered home to make your tiredness and stress even worse. 

Statement Lighting

Finally, another trend sweeping the nation is to upgrade boring, mundane lighting. Rather than choosing a simple light and shade, a popular 2022 trend is to make a statement with either the lighting or design of the shade. While some choose a bright yellow bulb-shaped shade, others go for a bright blue hexagonal shade. Ultimately, the colour and shape you choose are up to you (and the decor of the rest of your home). However, you can use this strategy to add colour to a minimalist, neutral kitchen. Pair this with coloured toasters, microwaves, kettles, and other small appliances to make your kitchen pop.