A car can collide with a pedestrian, or a pedestrian can just bump into the car. Either way- it is one of the terrifying types of car accidents.

Since there are always pedestrians on the sidewalks every day, accidents like this are constantly occurring. If you are someone facing a road accident issue, seek a pedestrian accident lawyer Calgary.

However, you can help prevent these accidents by understanding some of the factors that cause them.

What is a pedestrian accident?

More than 300 pedestrians died in road traffic collisions in Canada from 2009 to 2018. In case you got a confusion, learn briefly why it is considered a pedestrian accident before starting with the reasons.

A pedestrian is someone who walks along a street. Sometimes pedestrians choose to walk down a street while. That way, they are already putting themselves in danger of road accidents. 

On the other hand, pedestrians cannot control or predict the actions of motor vehicle drivers. In that case, they could be in an accident.

Top 8 reasons pedestrian accidents occur

Almost every pedestrian accident is caused by an automobile or motorcycle driver’s negligence or inattention.

Nonetheless, one of the primary causes of pedestrian accidents is the recklessness of both drivers and pedestrians.

Not complying with the right-of-way

Right-of-way is the legal right of both pedestrians and motorists. They are supposed to move on the road in their way by following traffic rules. However, a pedestrian could be directed onto a crosswalk for a traffic signal.

In that circumstance, a motorist must stop and let the pedestrian cross before proceeding farther. Considering that, both parties can fail to comply with the right-of-way rule. And that can result in a horrifying road accident.

Pedestrians lingering in the roadway

It is challenging for a driver to avoid colliding with a pedestrian not supposed to be in the roadway. Even if the first car attempts to avoid a pedestrian, the driver behind that car won’t possibly notice the pedestrian. Hence, a pedestrian standing, lying, or playing in a roadway may be held responsible for the accident.

Insufficient visibility

Multiple factors can reduce road visibility. And it will increase the risk of motor drivers colliding with pedestrians. These are 5 common factors:

  • Unfavourable weather condition
  • Vehicles or other objects parked on the roadside
  • Pedestrian in darker clothes
  • Faulty headlight
  • Pedestrian blinded by lights

The pedestrian, motorist, or other parties could be the one to blame because poor visibility should make a pedestrian or motorist cautious. Yet, pedestrian accidents happen pretty happen for a reason mentioned above.

Driving while intoxicated

Each year, driving while drunk or high driving is a major contributor to many car accidents. 

Alcohol and drugs can impair judgment. Hence, it is difficult to walk down the road or operate a vehicle. A commuter or a car driver who has consumed too much alcohol or used drugs may be in an accident.

Distracted drivers

Drivers who are on the phone and while driving endanger all the people on the road. Also, pedestrians engrossed in electronic devices while crossing streets are vulnerable to vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

A pedestrian can choose to ignore the “walk” signal at a crossroads or cross the road or intersection without using the designated crosswalk areas.

So, you should avoid using electronic gadgets while driving or walking in congested areas.

Construction of the roads

We all can relate to the hassles that come with road works. You might know that road construction can force pedestrians to walk in places where they are not supposed to walk. And, motor drivers are likely not the expect or notice a pedestrian in a place like that.

Recklessness of driver and pedestrian

One of the most common reasons for pedestrian fatalities is the carelessness of both drivers and pedestrians. Pedestrians can be endangered by drivers who are not driving carefully or who do not comply with traffic laws at crosswalks.

Changing Lanes Vehicles

Just because it’s a zebra crossing does not guarantee that drivers will see pedestrians. While turning a car, left drivers often focus on navigating busy intersections while looking straight ahead rather than to the left. Thus, pedestrians are always at risk of being hit by a car by cars turning left.

Final thoughts

We all should carefully both drive and walk on the road. Know that- a car is required by law to stop does not always mean that it will.

So, use the marked crosswalks to avoid being involved in an accident. Also, do not attempt to cross the street with a signal. This can help you avoid being caught walking in an area where drivers are simply not paying attention.