Business is a popular occupation and the majority of people adopt it instead of other regular jobs because it has the ability to make maximum money on daily basis. Business is the other name of struggle and consistency because it needs effort and time. If you have any novice and creative business idea and wants to start your own business then you need to work hard. In the journey of business, only hard work and creative ideas are not enough because it needs money also.

If you want to start up a new business or run an already developed business then you require a lot of money for growth. This article is for those entrepreneurs who are worried about finance for the startup and establishment of their business. There are a number of fundraising platforms that financially help entrepreneurs to develop or expand their businesses. Here the few most popular fundraising platforms will be discussed which will be help full for your business or company. 

Different Fundraising Firms

For the startup, growth, restructuring, and expansion of a business or company, there are a lot of fundraising firms are present that will help you financially. The popular fundraising firms are mars capital, mars growth capital, growth funding for tech, growth financing for tech, growth financing, growth funding, and growth capital. Here the two major fundraising firms are discussed which mars growth and growth are funding for tech. Because these both will give you finance in different forms like lenders, loans equity debt, mutual funds, and equity finance.

MARS Growth

MARS Growth is a Singaporean-based firm for financing which provides funds to mature and highly established businesses or companies. The mars growth will provide you funds according to the level of your business. The mars growth can able to provide a huge amount to the companies or businesses for their growth, expansion, and restructuring. The starting amount which mars growth provides to the company or business is thirty lack dollars and the ending limit is not confirmed because it depends on the need. 

High growth IT and SaaS businesses with over $3M ARR and at least 12 months of revenue are the main focus of investments made by Mars Growth Funding. Please get in touch with the mars growth team if your business does not match the ARR requirements or is not a tech or SaaS-based business. The mars growth team also provides funds for alternate income streams including e-Commerce.

By providing funds to support expansion, the Mars Growth financing organisation, a credit investor, makes investments based only on the past and projected performance of your business.

A Policy of MARS Growth for Financing

The mars growth provides the secured financing to the companies or businesses. If you are interested in financing of mars growth then you will send the application to the head office in which you will mention the whole detail of your business and previous records and send it in working days.

Then the team of mars growth will respond to you in a few working business days. Access to your billing data is necessary for the collaborative process of time for underwriting. The mars growth team strives to deliver a term sheet within 3-5 business days after receiving a request. The mars team may normally transfer money to your bank within 48 to 72 hours of the transaction being finalized.

The many elements determine whether an applicant is eligible for funding from Mars Growth. These variables rely on the type of work that your firm or organisation does. Your company’s cash flow, the quality of your client base, staff performance, historical sales data, unit economics, and financial runway are some of the criteria for funding eligibility.

No consideration will be given to the mars growth investment as a loan. You sell a service to Mars Growth. The commitment to operating your service at high SLA standards for your monthly members and/or clients will drive your business growth. Your promise is to obtain money from your clients and send our portion to you. Your accounting system will record your investment in mars growth as deferred payments, and you may view your purchases as a real collection.

Security of MARS Growth

Your information is safe and kept private by Mars Growth fundraising platform. The strongest security and encryption protocols are used by Mars Growth. It complies/adheres to GDPR regulations for data protection, and your account gives you access to all of your data.

The data is compiled on the platform for liquidity analysis, and only the analyst who is assessing your application will have access to it. The information is permanently saved to your profile or account and no one can see this.

Growth Funding for Tech

Growth funding for tech is also a famous funding platform that provides finance for the growth and expansion of the business. The growth funding for tech gives finance in the form of mutual funds equity funds, debt funds, loans, lenders, and investment money. The growth funding for tech provides finance to those businesses or companies which have the ability to grow and penetrate into new markets.

A mature business or company which needs maximum money for expansion they looking for finance from different sources. For those who require finance growth funding for tech is the best option.

The growth funding for tech makes investments for a longer and shorter period of time with mature and above-average companies or businesses, because the investment is the best way to multiply your original money in a few years. The long-term investment is more beneficial compared to the short-term investment. 


Entrepreneurs who are running their own business or companies and working well by fulfilling the demands of society sometimes need expansion and restructure their business or company and want to expand into new locations or cities they need the finance for doing it. For those who are looking for finance, the mars growth and growth funding for tech are the best options for finance.