That is great when after passing all the exams, you gear up for the first road trip with friends! You all are going to have a good time and it does not matter where exactly you go. The USA chases the rental car under 21 services. The only question here is what age should one be to rent wheels. The answer is complex because it depends both on the state legislation and vehicle providers. Thus, sit comfortably, we will puzzle out that topic.

Driving age

FYI, in most states, citizens under the age of 18 must first obtain a student ID. In different states the age varies:

  • 14 years old in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North and South Dakota, and others;
  • 15 years old in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and others;
  • 16 years old in Maryland, Arizona, California, and others.

You can check that ahead. Besides, young drivers should complete some tasks. They relate to the number of hours, driving accompanied by an adult and at night. In some states, teen drivers can drive unsupervised to school. After a certain period of time, the student’s certificate can be changed to a permanent one.

Rental vehicle age

Most rental car services announce on their websites that have a special young driver policy. That refers to all the people beyond the age of 25. These people will be asked to pay an extra fee for every day they travel. Yet, not all the companies notify what is the minimum age. Some allow rental cars for 20-year-olds, while others ( California) permit to do that for 18 years old. How to know that? Better check every service directly. The vehicle’s availability and price you get will depend on the age number you pick on the website or app. So, you will simply check and calculate the most profitable option for your trip. There are numerous wheels for all the needs. Even with restrictions on youngsters for Luxurious vehicles, you will find what meets your needs!

Collect the documents

Under 21 car rental requires the same set of documents as for older travelers.

You need a driver’s license, a voucher, insurance, and a credit card. Make sure that all of the papers are issued in the name of the renter. That is essential. Traveling with other people, you can not use their verification documents to match the requirements on your behalf. Besides, protect yourself and your vehicle with reasonable insurance. If you do not take civil liability in full, cover at least a deposit. It will be at the office directly. Ensure that you possess enough money on your card to pay to rent a car and the deposit. The latter means the funds on the card are frozen by the bank for the rental period. You will get them back in a few weeks after you drop off the car. Note that your wheels should be all right. It will be inspected for all kinds of damages and any accidents. Do not forget to print out the e-voucher you get on your e-mail after you make a pre-order.

At the registration desk

The pick-up procedure may take up to 30 minutes. Before you come, agents clean and prepare your car if you made a reservation online without any prepayments. Or you will be asked to wait a bit. Check the vehicle with your agent to see its state. Thus you do not have to pay for damages that were already there. Also, clarify all the conditions and if you understand the right to perform your responsibilities. You will see the below.

Additional surcharges

There is one obligatory fee for young drivers’ daily surcharge. That is calculated ahead of your trip according to its duration. Price is not the same everywhere, so you can select the service with the best offer. Then, there is the option for unlimited mileage. What is it for? Usually, people try to save money by limiting their miles. The first 100 go for free then you pay extra. It seems cheaper, but it is not in practice. Better take the unlimited option and pay the full price once than keep the numbers in mind and create a route in accordance with that. Because, as a rule, miles are abundant and drivers have to pay much more than they expected. The last thing, not least, is the Full-to-Full option. It works so, take the full tank and return the car completely filled.

Do not be afraid of the new opportunities, just take them responsibly. Check the laws of the region where you go, create your itinerary, and pack backpacks. You will have a wonderful time!