If you have ever met a bong user, you have probably overheard them exclaiming how superior bong smoking is to other intake methods. These (also known as water pipes) appear to have a cult following and are for a good cause.

Nothing compares to the fineness of bong shots. Beaker bongs, in particular, provide an unparalleled smoking experience. You should add this to your stoner arsenal if you don’t already have one. This article will enlighten you on all the factors why you should add this excellent smoking device to your collection.

What Exactly Is a Beaker Pipe?

Before diving into all of the advantages and reasons for utilizing a beaker pipe, it’s vital to grasp how different it is and what it is exactly. This smoking apparatus uses water as a filtering mechanism at its most basic level. Like other smoking equipment, its function is to filter correctly and chill the smoke produced by the herb you’re lighting..

A bowl houses your dry flower in a bong; this is where you ignite your bud, and it will ignite and transform into smoke. The smoke moves up the percolating water and into the chamber, eventually reaching your mouth.

What exactly is a beaker-shaped bong? It is a device designed like a beaker, which is something you’d see in a science laboratory. These are among the most popular because of their design, making them incredibly durable and dependable.

Reasons to Consider Buying a Beaker Water Pipe:

  • Stable and Robust Structural Design: These pipes have a broad base due to their form. Furthermore, the load is evenly distributed and has a heavy bottom. Because of this, these smoking devices may easily be set on any horizontal plane. There’s no need to wriggle it around to find the proper placement. These pipes can be placed just about anywhere and work fine. These smoking instruments can survive a little clumsiness as well. This is the polar opposite of some bongs, which emphasize aesthetics more than functionality.
  • Improved Taste: There are a few reasons why beaker water pipes create better-tasting hits. All bongs generate tasty hits due to their filtering mechanism, eliminating more contaminants and pollutants than any other filtering system found on other smoke equipment. The second reason why beaker bongs generate better taste hits is their broad base, which can contain more smoke, a unique feature of these water pipes.
  • Holds More Water to Chill the Smoke: Besides being equipped to contain more smoke, these unique devices can also hold more water, which aids in the chilling process. As you can notice, having a large base has a lot of advantages, one of which is cooler hits.

Final Thoughts:

Beaker water pipes are an essential part of any stoner’s kit. They are more robust and solid, giving a better tasting and cooler hit. You will not be upset once you use this unique yet functional smoking device, so give it a shot and see its perks.