In June 2020, Tiktok premiered Tiktok for Business, a solution to help businesses and brands communicate messages about their products / services in a creative ways, enabe SMEs to promote with affordable budget.

Besides, self serve platform is activated in July same year contribute to enhance Tiktok competiton advantage to other ads platforms.

In a research, next 3 years, Gen Z will be the most important comsuming group by age. Currently, these gen spends approx 50B annually. This is the first gen born in digital times, early access to technology and social networks on a daily basis, attracted by new and unique culture. 

Tiktok is one of the most favorite platform of Gen Z by its interesting, new and created. In 850M Tiktok accounts worldwide, 36% of them are Gen Z (according to PWC). The indexes is valuable to brands that serve this age group. Therefore, marketing and advertising camps on Tiktok will be essential activities for these brands. 

Tiktok is getting attention because its ability to create space for community to show their personalities by short videos. Compared to other gen, gen Z is seen to be most strict with ads. Gen Z favour and prior engagement and interaction leave previous promoting approaches less effective. Gen Z is excited with joining new trends, ready to be content creators for free, especially with hashtag challenge. This made Tiktok ads is more effective.

Huge opportunities for SMEs

Tiktok ads in US ends its trial period after 6 months, and officially serve as Tiktok for Business, since June 2020. This is new ads solution from Tiktok to serve branding demand, especially of SMEs.

Tiktok account for sale for business to skyrocket their business without building from zero.

SMEs will have more methods to deliver their brand messages, in a creative way. Short Tiktok videos are an interesting way to promote, leverage brand loyalty effectively.

Tiktok for Business interface is well designed. Full of ideas and templates, sounds and effects to make their own videos. Among those, AR tech called Branded scan help users to interact AR with brands. Besides, brands can easily track the results of the ads through transparent measure tools. 

Two main solutions on Tiktok for Business is SA and CS, built on customer journey funnel.

Standard Ads is a solution that is alike Facebook Ads, business can create in 3 formats: brand takeover, topview and in-feed ads. Brandtakeover last 3-6 secs only to not disturb the viewers while scrolling. TopView, these ads will appear right after opening the app, its length is maximum 60 secs, more room to tell their stories. In-feed ads is an organic suggestion in Following section, distributed by personal preferences, increase engagement rate.

Whereas, tiktok difference is Content Solutions. This is a solution to help business through interesting hashtag challenge, this is a tailor solution Tiktok support each client to help them create marketing camps in a smart way.

Self serve platform

Self served platform is a function that allow businesses actively manage their ads camps. This is supported globally, tracking results and adjust along the camp. SMEs don’t need huge amount of budget to run ads on Tiktok, they can still have suitable options. Tiktok ads is simple and effective.

This function allows advertisers to integrate different camps, convenient for tracking and management, more time saving.

In the following years, Tiktok will conduct corporate accounts, add more customized tools to analyse better and approach bigger audience.

To support SMEs rebuild after pandemic, Tiktok offer Back to Business programs worth 100M USD. Each account will receive 300 USD ads credit to use until the end of the year.