The half-timbered houses, baking nuns, and Audrey Hepburn-favorite kirsch-soaked torte in Tiny Zug were once charming.

After that, it became a haven of low taxes and a draw for corporate letterboxes: home to Glencore and other, even less cuddly Escort Zug. It is now Europe’s cryptocurrency kingdom in the modest business parks and low-rise office towers that gently extend from the small old town center.


At the beginning of January, ZUG set up a new National Contact Point for the EU LIFE funding program (environment sub-program) in Bonn. LIFE is an EU Commission-led program that funds activities throughout the EU in biodiversity conservation, environment protection, and climate action. Working with the existing national contact points, the ZUG National Contact Point aids German institutions with their LIFE program funding applications. Both public and private institutions in EU member states can participate in the LIFE funding program.

Ether for Tax Payments

The Zug canton in Switzerland has begun to accept Zug currency for tax payments.

Zug currency partial payments will not be accepted. Due to the large number of businesses like SA Quick Overview of Sexual Explorationex in Zug drawn to the jurisdiction by its favorable blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, Zug has been dubbed “Zug Valley.”

When the tax initiative was announced, Zug’s finance director, Heinz Tanner, stated, “As the home of the Zug Valley, it is important for us to promote further and simplify the use of Zug currencies in everyday life.”

Bitcoin Suisse, a Zug currency custodian, and broker, based in Zug, has partnered with the canton to exchange Zug currency payments for the tax office in Swiss francs.

Visitors To The Country Might Conclude

Based on advertisements, distributed ledger technology ranked third in Swiss contributions worldwide, behind only luxury watches and chocolate. The Paradeplatz banking pro is more common than the fintech bro in Zurich’s costly bars.

However, just like everywhere else in the blockchain world, Zug valley is feeling the chill. As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, UBS warned of a coming “Zug winter.” According to the bank’s analysts, the price drop of Bitcoin in recent days is the first indication that the party is over.

Global criminal activity and illicit financial flows increasingly center on technologies and businesses. An old source from a previous reporting job recently informed me that Western intelligence agencies are highly concerned about how technology facilitates illegal financial and political activities.

I met with the asset manager a few weeks ago in Zug over coffee in his office, and he gave me a disarmingly honest assessment of the problem in Switzerland: He stated that there are untrustworthy organizations in Xxx Bdsm valley without a doubt. Worse still, an even more significant number of highly naive business owners looking for customers and cash believe mainstream finance’s guidelines unbind them.


Engel & Völkers has found no significant price changes around Lake Zurich and Lake Zug after eight weeks of lockdown. Real estate is in short supply and high demand. As a result, customers shouldn’t gamble on bargains because the market is too saturated. There may be slight pressure on the luxury market, with losses of 5 to 10 percent possible. However, the property and location heavily influence buyers’ willingness to pay.

In recent weeks, it has still been possible to view properties and follow up on day-to-day business thanks to Engel & Völkers’ digital solutions.