Sexual exploration is the process of learning about what you are capable of and interested in sexually. Unfortunately, a lot of people never explore their sexualities. One common thing that stops many people from exploring sexually is a fear of finding out that they might not be who they thought they were, or in other words, discover that they are gay.  

However, there is no reason for you to hide your sexuality (or not to explore it). Even if you do discover that you are straight, exploration can still be a lot of fun.

This post will provide some insight into how you can explore your sexuality.

Meeting People

Meeting people for sex is by far this list’s best suggestion as far as exploring your sexuality goes. After all, what could be a better form of exploration than actually having sex? You will quickly discover whether you are interested or not. If you are not turned on, then you can leave. You can find people on the internet interested in having random gay bareback sex, giving blow-jobs, or even helping first-timers to figure out what interests them. Take precautions when you are meeting people you have met online by linking up in a public place first, just so you can be confident they are who they say they are.

Watching Porn

Porn is another great way of exploring your sexuality, mainly because it is very impersonal. Nobody has to know you are watching porn, and you don’t need to worry about hurting anybody’s feelings if you don’t get turned on. You can easily find full porn videos online and if you are exploring your sexuality, then check out categories you ordinarily wouldn’t. If you are currently in a relationship and don’t want your partner to know you are exploring, then you can use a VPN and delete your search history afterwards. That said, transparency is the best thing. You should try to explain to your partner that you are exploring.

Being Confident

Confidence is essential. You won’t be able to explore your sexuality if you aren’t confident. You need to be confident when you are meeting people, and confident in your decisions. If you are unsure about something, then don’t force yourself to do it. Forcing yourself to have sex with people or watch things you aren’t interested in will only make you uncomfortable and prevent you from wanting to explore or try new things again in the future.

Safe Sex

Safe sex is essential, especially if you are meeting somebody for the first time. The only time when it’s safe to have unprotected sex with strangers is if they produce a certificate proving they are not carrying any STDs or STIs. You also need to think about your own personal safety when you are having sex with strangers, too. As mentioned earlier, meet people in public places. You need to meet people from hook-up sites in public places, so you can verify their identity.

Sex Parties

Sex parties can be intimidating, but they are a lot of fun. However, before you can attend one, you will need to produce a certificate proving you aren’t carrying any viruses or infectious diseases. Also, you could have to pay for membership. Some sex clubs are exclusive. The more exclusive, the better. Highly exclusive clubs tend to be frequented by very attractive people. However, such clubs are also very hard to get into. If you are unable to get into an elite club, then you can sign up for a local swingers group, which you can probably find out information about online by conducting an internet search.

Using Toys

Sex toys can be a great way to explore. If you are a man interested in gay sex, then using a toy is an effective way of finding out whether or not anal sex turns you on. If you are penetrating yourself with a sex toy for the first time, then be gentle. Many men find that anal vibrators are the best tools for simulating anal sex or anal play for the first time. Trying to insert a dildo could be too painful. Make sure to lubricate any toy you intend on inserting inside yourself.

Hooking Up

Another good way of exploring is to hook up with people that you already know, like openly gay friends, for example. Doing this can be a great way of not only learning about your sexuality, but also potentially starting a relationship. If you are just interested in sex, though, communicate this to the person that you have sex with. This will then prevent them from getting the wrong idea or thinking that by having sex with you, they may be able to build a relationship. If you find anyone attractive at work or in the street, you can cold approach them, too.

Hiding Desires

As long as what you are interested in is legal, you have no reason to hide it. We live in a very accepting society today. People are far more liberal and open. Nobody is going to judge you for your sexuality, and if they do, more fool them. Hiding your desires and interests will only ever hurt you. Having to repress one’s sexual desires out of fear of judgment or ridicule can be deeply traumatizing. If the people you are closest to are not accepting of your sexual interests, then waste no time cutting them out of your life. Such people are not worth your time.

One-night Stands

Finally, if you want to have sex with strangers but aren’t interested in using hook-up sites, then you can go to bars and clubs and pick people up. If you do plan on picking people up in bars, then you need to make sure that you don’t drink too much. Drinking too much can lead to you losing control, which could then lead to somebody taking advantage of you. Similarly, do not have sex with somebody who is too drunk, even if they seem okay up until the point that you get back to your house or hotel.

Sexual exploration can be very fun. If it’s something that you want to do, then make sure that you are open and willing to try new things. Also, don’t limit yourself. If something does interest you, then go for it. Life’s too short not to.