Almost 90 percent of Americans are more likely to buy products from a company that contributes to causes that they’re passionate about. And, more and more people are passionate about sustainability and the climate crisis as more and more effects are seen in our world.

If you’re a business owner, you might be struggling with how to make your business greener without wasting a ton of money and time.

But, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the top sustainable green business ideas.

Incorporate Solar Power

Switching to solar power sources can save your business a ton of money in the long run, while contributing to the fight against climate change. Solar power is clean energy, unlike unsustainable sources like coal.

While there will be some up-front costs, you’ll make the money back and then some in no time. Your energy bills will be a lot lower, decreasing your operational costs. There are even tax incentives that can help you out if you’re considering converting your business to solar power.

Plus, there are plenty of options for people on a budget. Look into your options to install affordable solar panels now.

Change Out Your Products

No matter what your business is, there’s every chance you’re using damaging chemicals on a regular business. If you’re a landscaping business, you may be using harsh pesticides. Even if your business is office based, you still may be using cleaning products that are full of chemicals.

So, see what your options are for switching out your products. If you have paper towels, you may think about switching to recycled options. Or, go a step further, and install hand dryers instead, to further decrease your climate footprint.

You can do smaller scale things, too, like providing plates and utensils to your employees who buy or bring in their lunch so they don’t have to rely on disposable products.

Share Green Information

Not everything you can do to make your business green is financial. Simply sharing the right information with your employees and customers can help the cause. Circulate information about green initiatives you’re involved in. Compile ways that individuals can help with sustainability.

If you want to take it a step further, you can also share information about legislation and advocacy related to the cause. There may be a bill that you want to support. Or, it could be that advocacy groups in your area are fighting against businesses that are contributing to climate change.

This is more political, which you might want to be careful about depending on your customer base, but it can also show you’re willing to speak out on important topics and make your business seem more authentic to the public.

Use These Green Business Ideas Today

Clearly, incorporating green business ideas into your company isn’t as hard as you think.

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