Bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style knows the folding kitchen table is an integral part of the kitchen interior. Often, the size of the kitchens does not allow large stationary tables, so you have to use folding ones. They have many advantages, and due to the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for manufacture and design, you can choose the best option for your kitchen. Then the table, without taking up much space, will be able to perform its functions fully.


The kitchen is not always the largest room in the apartment. Usually, the opposite is true: the dimensions are small, but a lot needs to be placed. Therefore, furniture for the kitchen is selected appropriately  

 and our advice is that if you have in your room a good quality 24 inch bathroom vanity, it’s not worth looking for new unique bathroom vanities for your bathroom. Before buying a dining table, it is important to understand what it is for: exclusively for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the family, or to receive many guests, hold meetings, lunches, and feasts. A folding kitchen table for a small kitchen allows you to solve the lack of square meters in the room while being roomy and beautiful. A folding kitchen table has a lot of advantages, including compactness, functionality, durability, quality and strength of fixtures, originality of design, and a variety of shapes and types of plans. To choose the best option for your kitchen, it is essential to determine the kinds of kitchen folding tables and their pros and cons.


This is an ordinary small table for the kitchen, with a round or square top. The table consists of two canvases that converge in the center in their normal state, forming a gap. The canvases are close, so the hole does not affect the operation, mainly if you cover the kitchen table with a tablecloth. An additional canvas, due to which the usable area increases, is inserted into the vacated space between the two countertops. After that, there will be three slots. Such classic kitchen options are standard for small kitchens, as they have a minimal cost and good functionality.

Features of the sliding stationary table for the kitchen: The table’s design in the assembled form has a compact size. It does not interfere with free movement in the kitchen and does not take up much space. When receiving guests, it moves apart, increasing the seats. A niche is made under the tabletop, in which it is convenient to store an additional section of the tabletop. It is easy to bring a kitchen table from a stationary state to an enlarged one: pull the edges on both sides of the table, freeing up space in the center. An additional countertop is inserted there.

The table has unique grooves that allow you to fix the part in its place securely. During the meal, you can not worry that the section will fall. Thanks to this technology, the usable space increases by 30-40%. If the maximum number of seats in the normal state of the table is six seats, then when adding a section, it can be 8–9 seats. With a limited budget, stationary kitchen tables are the best option.


The feature of such kitchen tables is that they are lightweight, compact, and functional. The previous version was installed in one place, where it was stored. Portable ones can be removed from the kitchen, freeing up usable space. The design is assembled into comfortable furniture that is easy to carry and store. The note! This is convenient if you need to move the table from the kitchen to the living room or even take the table with you to nature. Varieties of tables for the kitchen of a portable type: A classic mobile design for the kitchen.

The feature of the table is its simple mechanism and easy operation. Such a transforming table has two halves, which are enough to fold by lowering them. It looks like butterfly wings. A folded structure is ready to be carried or transported in a car. Table-suitcase for the kitchen.

 The original version was created for transportation and spending time on vacation. The appearance is unremarkable, but the functionality overrides this. The structure is small. If you assemble it by sliding the two parts down, you get a convenient suitcase. It is easy to carry by hand due to its lightweight. The photo shows what it looks like. Note! In addition to such a table, you can purchase the same folding chairs. With them, outdoor recreation will be comfortable and no different from a meal in your kitchen.

 Table-book for the kitchen. This option is somewhat reminiscent of a classic folding table. There is a cabinet in the middle, where there are shelves and a place for storing kitchen utensils. The table itself consists of two halves, which, when open, are supported by latches from below. To assemble the table book, you need to remove the latches and lower the halves of the table.

 The design forms a kind of flat book that is easy to carry or transport. The cost of portable tables for the kitchen is slightly more than stationary ones. But they also have better functionality.


 Instead of being folded into a convenient suitcase or book, collapsible kitchen tables must be disassembled into separate components. This option is ideal for the smallest kitchens in which there is no room for a large table. There are collapsible tables that can function even with a few parts. This is convenient if one or two family members are busy eating. Features of collapsible tables for the kitchen: Simplicity of design. Depending on the model, the table can be quickly assembled manually or with the help of improvised tools (screwdriver, screwdriver).

Each part of the collapsible table is fixed with special fasteners. Often on the countertop from its back, there are grooves into which you need to insert the legs of the table. Setting the legs of the table for the kitchen is carried out using nuts and bolts. Some models are adjustable in height.


A built-in table for the kitchen is a transformer with a whole set of different cabinets, bedside tables, and drawers. They are very convenient, as they take up space only in the process of eating. It is enough to push the built-in table out of the kitchen unit. After eating, he rolls back. Features of built-in tables for the kitchen: Often, such designs are sold complete with a kitchen set, which guarantees a straightforward design and harmonious furniture. It is enough to push the table out of its niche and place it on a support. Models for the kitchen are on sale, based on the book’s principle. It is enough to hold the countertop like a book against a cabinet wall or a headset if necessary. The product’s design is simple: it is a small block attached to the countertop, and support is used to fix it. These tables are suitable for a small family, as the dimensions do not allow to seat a large company.


Somehow, they resemble built-in structures. However, the tables are not necessarily combined with the kitchen set. They can be mounted on the wall. The photo shows an example of the original folding table, which, when assembled, looks like a picture in a frame. Characteristics of folding tables for the kitchen: The design functions thanks to the hinges and supports. Tables take up minimal space in the kitchen. Depending on the model, the tables include bedside tables where dishes, food, or kitchen utensils are removed for the most minor kitchen – the best option.


In part, each of the options for tables for the kitchen discussed above can be called a transforming table. The peculiarity of such furniture is that a full-fledged table is formed from a small suitcase or book. An example of an unusual transforming kitchen table in the photo: It remains only to weigh the pros and cons and decide on the table option. But that’s not all you need to know about folding tables for the kitchen.


Since the kitchen is a room with high humidity, the quality of the material for manufacturing is approached with great care. It must be wear-resistant, high quality, and withstand moisture and mechanical stress. WOOD One of the most common materials for making a table in the kitchen.

The demand for wood is due to its high qualities and other positive aspects: high strength. This applies to most types of wood. If the kitchen table is processed and protected from moisture and decay, it will not deteriorate, crack and deform. And oak breeds will serve for more than 50 years; wear resistance. With quality care, a tree can last for decades; ecological purity. Finding a more natural and environmentally friendly material isn’t easy as wood. For the kitchen, this is important since the family spends a lot of time in it, and there is always food on the table and; a beautiful appearance. Treated wood looks noble, stylish, and modern and can fit into any kitchen interior. Especially if the table has hand-carved drawings. In addition, the tree can withstand minor mechanical damage.


Stylish, original, and beautiful folding kitchen tables are produced from glass. Their peculiarity is in the transparent structure of the tabletop, which is also very durable. The advantages of glass kitchen tables: to make a glass table, high-strength tempered glass is used, so you don’t need to worry that if you put the bowl on the surface carelessly, the table will crack; the glass surface is protected from mechanical influence and scratches; quality and primary characteristics do not decrease during operation; from the material you can make a sliding or folding table for the kitchen; glass is not afraid of moisture and easy to clean; beautiful appearance, along with long service life.

It is slightly inferior to wood in terms of strength.


With a limited budget, they resort to plastic tables. They are cheaper than analogs, but they have good strength due to high-strength plastic. The products are made to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. Feature of plastic in small weight, compactness, and worthy appearance. If the need arises, plastic tables are easy to assemble or take out to another room. The note! Plastic is not afraid of moisture, which is a big plus for such structures. True, the product also has its opposing sides. The wear resistance of plastic is low. Unlike wooden tables, plastic tables will last approximately 10-15 years. In addition, it cannot be called environmentally friendly since harmful substances are present in the composition. They are incredibly intense when heated. MDF AND Particleboard Since natural wood tables are expensive. There is an alternative made of wood chips in the form of MDF and particleboard. These are plates created by pressing chips with the addition of resins. Thanks to the decorative layer, the surface imitates natural wood and has similar characteristics. Pluses of chipboard tables and MDF: ecological cleanliness; a large selection of colors; excellent design; ease of care; affordable cost. However, the material cannot be compared with natural wood. With a limited budget, the best option.


This is a kind of table for the kitchen, made not from one but several materials. For example, glass and metal, wood and metal, glass and wood, etc. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to compensate for the disadvantage of one material with the advantage of another. Often the legs are made of metal. It is vital, reliable, and durable. Namely, the legs take the brunt of the load. Therefore, such options for tables remain one of the most popular. These were all folding kitchen tables for a small kitchen, depending on the material.


 As you can see, the shape and dimensions of a single table vary. This allows manufacturers to please everyone. Depending on the body, the products are Oval or round. Square or rectangular. OVAL OR ROUND The legs for the table are standard. They can be round, square, or any other arbitrary shape. The whole point is in the countertop, made oval or round. The table has no corners, so it is safe for children. Features: It cannot be said that a round table is appropriate in any kitchen. If it is small, the table will take up a lot of space. An oval folding table is better suited here. On sale, you can find designs that, when assembled, have the shape of a regular circle. When they are laid out (a classic folding table), it turns into an oval table. In the photo below, such a folding small kitchen table. If the table is folding, then when folded, it is a semicircle. Dimensions of oval and round tables for the kitchen: standard height – 75 cm; the diameter of the folded canvas is 90–100 cm; the length of the unfolded table is 130–150 cm. Please note! The sizes are standard. They vary depending on the model and the wishes of the customer. 


The shape of the table is classic and most in demand. Products can fit into any kitchen design while taking up little space and not blocking the room.

A small kitchen is the best option. On sale, you can find square tables with rounded edges. This is a great table option for families with children who might accidentally bump into a corner. As in the case of round and oval tables, the square kitchen table turns into a rectangular one thanks to the additional section. The standard dimensions are as follows: The height of the kitchen table is 75 cm. The length is 80 cm, and the width is 70 cm. When unfolded, the size increases by 30–40 cm.

This is a classic design that anyone can do. The assembled table will have a width of 70 cm and 1.2 m. Thanks to an additional central insert, the usable area of ​​the kitchen table will increase to 1.67 m. Capacity – 8 people: three on both sides and one on two ends. To create a table for the kitchen, you will need materials: chipboard sheets, 2.5 cm thick; plastic edge, 2 mm thick, no more; aluminum corner 50 cm long, 5×5 cm in section – 4 pcs.; two telescopic guides, 50 cm long; four metal legs, thick; furniture locks, in the amount of 6 pcs.; screws M4 1 cm; self-tapping screws 16×3 mm, as well as 20×4 mm; hand protection gloves. List of tools for creating a table: Marker, tape measure, ruler, pencil. Clamps. Level and heat gun. Frazier. Screwdriver and drill.

To drill, you need a drill with a section of 4.2 mm. Circular saw electric jigsaw or file with fine teeth. There is an approximate drawing in the photo below. You need to navigate the work: Step-by-step instructions for creating a folding kitchen table: Three parts are cut out of a chipboard sheet with a saw or a jigsaw. These are tabletops or table cloths. According to the drawing, you need two countertops measuring 70×60 cm and one 70×470. The sheet is carefully cut with a jigsaw to avoid chipping. To cut the chipboard, you need to attach it to a flat surface with clamps, use a level to set the edge of the cut, and cut off the part.

Pay attention! If, after creation, the kitchen table is processed by a router, then 2–5 mm must be added to each side. A milling cutter processes the edges of the finished parts. The ends are pasted over with a prepared PVC edge. Using a clamp, the amount is fixed vertically on the table.

The cut edge is applied to the cut and heated with a building hairdryer. When everything is glued, and the glue has dried, you can continue to create a kitchen table. For safety reasons, corners on aluminum parts are rounded off. It would be best if you had two corners and a guide. On the outer part of the corner, you need to step back 2.5 cm from the rounded edge and draw a perpendicular line. The same is done with each corner. Parts of the guides are applied to the corners, and holes for the bolts are marked. Holes are made with a drill; the details are bolted together.

The output turned out to be two parts from the corners. They are laid on a flat surface like this: corners with movable guides inside and corners with fixed guides outside. Four holes are drilled in each of them, as shown in the photo, to ensure the movement of the kitchen table structure. Two identical tabletops are placed face down on a flat surface. Two telescopic parts are installed on top, at a distance of 8 cm from each edge. The middle should match the joint of the kitchen table. Install them correctly: the movable side is fixed inward, and the fixed side outward, as in the photo. The movable side is screwed with screws to the right side and the fixed side to the left. Self-tapping screws 20×4 mm are used. A lock is attached to each side of the kitchen table with 16×3 mm self-tapping screws. Having opened the waves, you need to push the table to the kitchen. The middle part is inserted into the hole, face down. The tabletop slides tightly to get a flat kitchen table surface.

The missing parts of the lock for each corner of the middle of the tabletop are screwed with the same screws. One side requires two screws. Using self-tapping screws, the legs of the kitchen folding table are attached in the intended places. The kitchen table is set to its normal position, and its performance is checked. First, you need to open the lock and move the halves of the table apart. Then install the middle part by moving the lateral details table for kitchens. Locks are closed.