As you know, China is a major manufacturing country, processing and producing all types of accessories, including fitness equipment. They have been in this industry for years, so there are dozens of organizations and factories that can produce all types of accessories. As its economy grows, so too does the demand for its products. This has created new opportunities for Chinese manufacturers to export their goods to other markets around the world. Therefore, if you want to run a company gym what we have said before, you had better find an exercise bike manufacturer in China to buy the related equipment. But how to find a reliable exercise bike manufacturer in China? As we know, there are thousands of exercise bike manufacturers in China. So if you want to buy the equipment, how can you pick out a reliable one?

To find the exercise bike manufacturer in China, you had better ask your friends or colleagues who are involved in physical fitness industry. They may suggest some trustworthy companies that produce exercise bikes with high quality. Even some media like magazines and websites can provide information of top manufacturers and good quality equipment.For those people who are running a company gym, it is important to find the reliable exercise bike manufacturer in China to buy fitness equipment. There are some tips for searching a gym exercise bike manufacturer: visit the professional salon exhibition, select the reliable manufacturer based on the appearance of their products, make inquiries about the quality of their products and service by visiting their online websites.As a reliable manufacturer of exercise bikes in China, we provide various kinds of fitness bikes, such as upright exercise bikes, spinning bike and recumbent bike. The most popular products are exercise bikes. Therefore, if you want to run a company gym and need high quality fitness equipment for your gym facility, you can contact us immediately.

We have talked about benefits of running a company gym, and now we can continue to focus on how to open a company gym. Are you planning to build a company gym? If so, you need to consider the following points before you start.

1. Understand your employees

While it may seem simple to create a company gym by simply acquiring some construction equipment in a specific space, this is not enough. Firstly, you should understand the needs of your employees and ensure that their fitness needs are met. Some people may be interested in yoga, while others may prefer strength training and weightlifting. By creating a gym that contains fitness equipment that most people can use, you can make the most of the space.

Therefore, it is vital to involve your staff in the planning of the gym. Once you have an idea of what your employees are interested in, you can effectively plan a company gym.One of the main reasons why companies turn to gyms is to provide a change in the daily grind of work. The only way that can happen is if employees are involved in the planning and management of their gym, as they will be using it themselves.By developing a plan for the gym, you can involve your employees and make use of their ideas. This will help facilitate an effective design that meets everyone’s needs.

If your employees like to go running, then build a treadmill or access to treadmills. When it comes to activities that require more space or equipment, consider adding exercise equipment such as free weights and weight machines. You can also offer company gym memberships for employees who would like to participate in sports leagues outside of work hours.

2.Space planning

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of space you need. However, this ultimately depends on the size of your company’s workforce.In general, the larger the company, the more space you will need for your company gym. You should consider anything from a small business to a fully equipped health center for employees.The biggest consideration when creating a company gym is the space available in your office. You may want a room that’s large enough to include several pieces of fitness equipment, or you may be happy with a small area where employees can do simple exercises like sit-ups and pushups.

3Type and quantity of fitness equipment

There are six factors you need to consider when choosing fitness equipment.

Available space

Space is the first and foremost thing you need to consider when selecting fitness equipment. Available space is an important factor for determining the type, quantity and size of equipment that fits your company.

Available budget

Another factor you can’t ignore is the training budget for the entire gym. A limited budget will limit your choice of equipment and if you still opt for high quality but expensive equipment you will only be able to purchase a limited amount of equipment. In this case, it is best to use equipment that is cost effective and cost efficient.

Men and women

Generally speaking, men prefer to build muscle. Most women prefer aerobics or yoga to dumbbells. When you have staff. consists mainly of women and are lighter in weight, aerobic equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and yoga accessories should be given priority.

Age distribution

Each company has its own unique age distribution of employees. In addition, with the growing trend towards ageing, your company has an increasing number of older employees, a group with a higher health risk. If the majority of employees are elderly, consider adding rehabilitation equipment, such as massage chairs, to this group.

Exercise habits

The amount of cardio equipment required for your employees’ exercise habits should be considered when planning the company gym. For example, if most employees exercise daily, then you may need to provide more cardiovascular equipment, such as treadmills and ellipticals. Similarly, if they are mainly strength trainers and resistance training is their preferred exercise style, then you’ll need a larger area allocated for strength-training equipment compared to one with a wide range of options.